Jan 052015

I keep talking about the fact that I need to blog more often. The problem with that is that when I’m in front of my computer, it’s almost always with the intent to write. And even though I tell myself that it would only take a few minutes to write a quick blog entry, I tend to forget that there is the matter of logging in to the blog’s administrative page. And once I log onto the admin dashboard, there are all the notifications of things I need to do for maintenance‚Ķ spam to clean out, updates to various plugins, updates to the site software itself, and all the other minutia that go into running a blog. And now that I’m on a limited internet “budget” (10GB / month), I need to find ways to limit the amount of time that I’m online.

So here is a test. MS Word has a blogging “template” that will supposedly allow me to write my blog entries off line, and then (in theory) automatically post with minimal online time. I figure at worst, I will have a journal of sorts, from which I can cut and paste my blog entries. We’ll see how well it goes.

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