Lone StarCon 3 – The 71st Annual World Science Fiction Convention (2013)


Here is where I will be loading various pictures and MP3 files from some of the panels I attended while at World Con.  Enjoy!





Panel Recordings:

How to Build a Successful Book Launch Campaign  —  (PANELISTS = Gabrielle de Cuir, Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Gail Carriger, Gini Koch)

How to Write a Novel —  (PANELISTS = Walter Jon Williams, Paulo Bacigalupi, Nancy Kress, Hugh Howey)

The Relationship Between Writers and Editors  —

Things They Never Tell You About Getting Published For the First Time  —

Self Promotion – Everything You Know is Probably Wrong  —

Judging Something By Its Cover  —

Rapture of the Geeks – Uploading Consciousness Into An AI  —

Should SF Consider, or Predict the Future?  —

Writers – Their Fans and Flame Wars – Oh My  —


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