Nov 252015

Bella typingHey everyone.  Bella here.  Dad’s been busy lately, what with this typey stuff and moving around in the big metal moving box and all that.  Last week we had some of the other members of the pack visiting from the old home, and that was fun, too.  But it also kept everybody busy and they didn’t pay enough attention to me and Cricket.  Today he’s off getting new round things put on the moving box, so I’m gonna try some more of the typey stuff for him.

The weather’s getting colder, so we don’t get to go on walks as much as we used to, but I guess that’s okay, because Cricket doesn’t like the cold like I do.  She’s more hound, and likes laying in the sun.   :dog:

Me? I like the cold air.  It makes me frisky.  Dad says it’s because I’m part husky.   :dog2:  Whatever the reason, I really like it when the weather gets cooler.  And when that cold, white stuff falls on the ground, I really REALLY have fun running around in the big yard.  Dad says it’s coming again soon.  Yay!!  I hope he ordered a lot of it this year.

We’ve heard Mom and Dad talking about some special day coming up… something about a Thanks-turkey-giving day, or something like that.  We also heard them say that they weren’t going to give turkey this year.  They’re going to give buffalo instead.  (I’m not really sure what a turkey or buffalo is, but they say you can eat either one, so it’s all good by me.)

But we’ve also heard about the thanks part of that, and I think the way it works is that we list what we’re thankful for, and then we get to eat, right?  Well me and Cricket really like to eat, so we figure we’re going to get in on this action with our own list of things we’re thankful for.

  1. I already mentioned the cooler weather… wait, Cricket! I like it and I’m the one typing, so I can list it if I want!  Cooler Hotter Cooler weather.  Stop that!  You can make your own list!  Okay, then we compromise.  We really like the weather.  Just not always both of us at the same time.
  2. We’re thankful for our new home, with the big yard.  It’s so much nicer than the one we had before.  Now we can poop all over in the back, and it still seems like there’s lots of room left over.  At the old place, there was just a little grass, and it got tricky find enough room sometimes.
  3. We’re thankful for when we get to chase the moles and mouses and birds and stuff in the back yard.
  4. We’re thankful for finding dead stuff (like moles and mouses and birds) to roll in.
  5. We’re thankful for when Mom and Dad find the right stuff to bathe us in after stinky-spray-rat sprays us.  (Cricket, what did Mom and Dad call that thing?  Punk?  Runt? …  Skunk!  Yeah, that was it!  Skunk!  No, we’re definitely NOT thankful for skunk things!)
  6. We’re thankful for the walks in the morning and the evening. (Especially when it’s cooler…  STOP IT!!!)
  7. We’re thankful for the treats Mom puts in our food to make it tastier.
  8. We’re thankful for the other treats Mom and Dad give us when we’re good.  And when we get bathed (then again, I still don’t understand the whole bath thing.  I mean, we just get to smelling like us, and they throw us in the shower and rub that flowery, sudsy stuff all over us.  After that, we have to search around the back yard again looking for more dead stuff to roll in so we can smell like us again.  Sometimes humans don’t make much sense.)
  9. What else are we thankful for…?  Hmmm….  Oh!  The ball!  When Mom and Dad throw the ball in the yard!  Balls are fun!…  No, I don’t care if you can’t get your mouth around it, Cricket!  I like them!
  10. And scritches behind the ears… and on that perfect spot on the back, just above the tail… and tummy rubs.  Yeah, tummy rubs!  They’re the best!

…   …   …  I guess that’s about it.  Can’t think of anything else for now.  So is that good enough?  Can we eat now?  Can we?

Oh yeah.  Happy Thanks-turkey-giving day everybody!    :dog2:  :dog:

Jun 192014
Bella and Cricket

“The Girls” – Bella and Cricket

As mentioned in earlier posts, my wife has been out of town for several weeks.  My parents are getting a bit older, and Dad especially is having some health issues.  My better half has been with them for the last couple of months helping them out with the day-to-day, as well as visits to doctors, etc.  She has been in human resources with a few medical facilities over the last several years, and is familiar with medical procedures, insurance, medicare, and just about anything else they need to know to get through this time, so it only made sense for her to go up there to help out.

But in the meantime, I have a job back home that I have to maintain.  As a result, we’ve been apart for longer than we’ve ever been separated before, and I miss her terribly.   :sidefrown:   Bella and Cricket miss her, too. See?   :-)

In addition to all that, since we sold our home a few months ago, my sister and my brother-in-law have been kind enough to let me stay in their home.  So, since my better half is gone, I’ve developed a morning routine.

I get up at 4:45 AM, let the girls outside, and feed them.  Once they’ve been taken care of, we head back upstairs where I shut them up in our bedroom while I shower.  This morning, I went through all that, came back into the bedroom, and found Cricket laying in her bed.  Bella, however, was nowhere to be seen. Where is Bella-1b I wasn’t terribly concerned, not really.  I just figured she had followed me back out of the bedroom when I left to take a shower, and wandered downstairs.

So I opened the bedroom door and called her.  I didn’t want to shout, since my brother-in-law was likely still asleep, so it was more like a loud whisper.  “Bella?”  Nothing.  “Bella!”.  Still nothing.  I watched down the hallway in the darkness for a few minutes, but didn’t hear or see anything.  I still wasn’t really worried, but at that point I was confused.  Bella is usually pretty good about coming to me when I call.  But I mentally shrugged, and turned back into the bedroom to finish getting ready for work.

Where is Bella2bThat’s when I saw her.  A fifty pound prankster, hiding behind my pillow.   :laugh:


Other news

Well, my marketing experiment/contest seems to be a big flop.  On Monday I announced that until midnight (central time) on June 20th, for anyone who purchases a copy of my latest novel (Streets of Payne) in any format, I would give codes for the free download of all three of my current audio books from  All they had to do was email proof of purchase to me at jlbDOTauthorATgmailDOTcom.  So far, there have been three responses.

Three.  (sigh)   :-?

Oh well.  Like I said, it was an experiment.

On the personal front, my wife is coming back to town for a few days as I type this,  (I miss you, wife! :inlove:) and I’m really looking forward to holding my lady again.

Writing Chucklers (an apocalyptic/horror collaboration I’m working on with Edward Lorn) is really moving along for me now.  Chucklers face onlyThe main manuscript is sitting at almost 60k words, and there is still so much story to tell.  I’m currently working on the “Charlie” part of the story, and Charlie is a truly despicable character.  Not like a cute, kind-hearted criminal with a heart of gold and minions.  No, this guy is someone I want to meet in real life just so I can punch him in the throat.  :eek:  If I do my job well enough, readers will hopefully hate this guy as much as I do.  Writing someone this foul has been quite an experience for me.  Trying to put myself in that mindset is an exercise that I suppose all writers and/or actors work through at some point.  I think it helps you grow as a story-teller.

But there are times when I feel like I need a shower after being in Charlie’s head for a while.   :eek:

Well, I’d better go for now.  I just got a text from my wife that she is currently driving through Dallas, and should be home in a few hours.  For some reason, I’m grinning like a little kid.   :-D

Stay safe, everyone.  :bye:

Aug 052012
Cricket & Bella take over the laptop

Cricket & Bella take over the laptop

all right.  me and bella are getting … hang on… (bella – hit the shift key when i tell you… no, we cant type caps unless yoU HIT THE … NO. NOT THE CAPSLOCK. I JUST NEEd you to… okay, thats better).  Like I said (there you go, Bella – MUCH BET… NO – LET OFF THe key… okay – now only press it when I tell you, and let off as soon as i… as soon as I tell you! – Damn, I wish I had opposable thumbs….)

All right, starting again…  Me and Bella are getting pretty freaking tired of Alpha sitting in front of his computer all the time.  He and Beta are supposed to pay attention to us!  It’s like they think that just because we can’t talk, that must also mean we’re just dumb animals or something… well, you know what I mean.  So we figured we’d see what all the fuss is about.  Don’t worry, they won’t catch us.  They’re upstairs working on the bathroom. Newly decorated guest bathroom

Oh yeah! What’s up with that?  Humans are so strange!  They take a place that smells perfectly fine, and take out all the stuff that smells like home.  Then they put in a bunch of stuff that smells… different.  Don’t they realize how long it’s going to take us to make all these new rooms smell right?  Especially since they get mad any time the catch us marking the place for them.  Crazy humans…

We heard them even mention that they’re going to take out the fuzzy not-grass on the floor.  They call it a car pet, or something like that – which makes no sense at all, since it never goes in the car, and we’re supposed to be the only pets in the house.  Anyway, they’re going to take it out and put in a new car pet.  that’s… (Bella! Pay attention…) That’s going to totally ruin the smell of the place!


It’s enough to make me howl!  I can’t stand another minute…. (sniff, sniff) YES BELLA I SMELL IT, TOO… HEY, YOU’RE STANDING ON THE SHIFT KEY, GET Off of it… oh, hey, wait a minute… im not finished here… what do you mean she dropped some on the floor…

um… thats it for now.  get back to you another time.  dinners on the floor…