May 112013


Yes, I’m still there.  Obviously, I haven’t been posting much, but I made the decision to spend less time on the blog, and more time on the actual writing.  Still, I owe you all at least a quick rundown of where things stand.

Streets of Payne – As you know, SoP was off to Red Adept Publishing for editing last month.  Well, I got the manuscript back about a week later and it needs quite a bit of work.  I had forgotten just how much work the editing process really is.  I’ve been through the first round, which for me simply consists of going through all the various notes and comments, and accepting or rejecting the proposed changes (and believe me, there was a lot more accepting than rejecting going on.)  Now I’m working on some rewrites, building up some characterizations, and shoring up a weak plot point or two.  Progress is slow but sure.

Chucklers – Not much to report here.  For the most part, Chucklers has been put on hold until I get SoP edits done.  My priority is going to be getting my next book out there, and Chucklers is going to be further down the line.

Zuko-01aOn the personal front, Baby Bird came in for a surprise visit this weekend.  You know, Mother’s Day weekend, and all.  ;)   And it seems she’s acquired a new mouth to feed, albeit a very small mouth.  He is a miniature dachshund, and his name is Prince Zuko (of the Fire Nation).  And of course, he’s as cute as he can be.  It took him a while to get used to Bella and Cricket, and a bit longer for them to get used to him, but the three of them all get along fine now.

What else?  Hmmm… well, we saw Iron Man 3 (liked it, but it wasn’t the best of the series).  I went to the NRA convention last weekend. It was a good experience, and I’m glad I went, but I think I’ll pass if they come to town again.  I don’t care for crowds, and wandering those aisles made me feel more than a little claustrophobic.  I think I’ll stick to regular knife and gun shows in the future. :)

Oh!  We also finally broke down and bought the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.  It was fantastic!  I suppose that’s actually the best word for me, because I am truly a fan.

I suppose that’s about it for now.  Back to work for me. As for Zuko, he appears to be ready for a break.Zuko-02b

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  1. Would Prince Zuko go for an older woman? I have a mini named Violet.

    • LOL. Well, I can’t speak for him, since he’s my daughter’s puppy, but I’m rather fond of older women… or at least one particular one. ;)

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