Jul 092015

Well, it looks like the post editor on my web site has gone belly up, and I have no idea what the issue may be. So if and when you read my last post and were puzzled when I referenced a picture of a knife I had rough ground, there is a reason. You see, I typically write my blog posts in MS Word using a template, and upload them directly via script. Then I go into the actual web site and edit as needed, adding links and pictures to match what I have written. As of yesterday, it seems I can no longer do this. I was able to add the links I needed to add, and was able to upload the picture but the site just shuts down when I attempt to actually link the picture to the blog post. So I am going to try something new here. I am going to attempt to embed the picture in the post before I use the script to upload to the web site.

So here’s the picture (I hope), and now I’m going to attempt to upload this post. Let’s see now………….

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