Apr 302012


This last week was my granddaughter’s fifth birthday, and it may be the last birthday we get to celebrate with her for a while.  She and her mother will be moving to Utah in a few weeks, and something like that puts a damper on being able to visit every few days.  So my better half and I decided to make this birthday one she will hopefully remember for a few years to come.  We took her to Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas for a day of movies, animals, and paddleboats.  8-)

For starters we saw “To the Arctic“, a 3D Imax film that followed a mother polar bear and her two cubs as they make their way across the arctic.  It was a good movie, if somewhat preachy in its message.  A good start to a day of birthday fun. :cake:

Rather than try to write about everything that we did, I will simply post a few pictures with captions.  I think for the most part, they will speak for themselves.

Enjoy.  I know I did.

Poison Dart frogs

The local mascot greeted us as we walked in.

In the Rain Forest pyramid. Red Ibises.

In the Rain Forest pyramid. Red Ibises.

…Then we went to the Aquarium pyramid.


Going through the aquarium

And we saw sea turtles....

Daughter and Granddaughter on paddle boat.

…and in the end…

Too tired to even eat dinner.

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