Jun 062011

Am I moved yet?  Well, it looks like the answer is an un-equivocal yes… and no.  Okay, so maybe it’s pretty equivocal, but cut me some slack.  I’m learning this stuff as I go along. :)

In my last post, I mentioned that I had gotten some messages indicating that GoDaddy.com was working on transferring my little blog here, and that they were having some problems that they needed me to rectify.  That was Friday.

Well, it just so happens that my youngest daughter was graduating high school the next day, and her graduating class was so large (nearly 700 students) that there were evidently no facilities in the area large enough to host the graduation ceremony.  So we had to travel over an hour to Texas A&M University.  The ceremony lasted a few hours, and then the drive back, followed by the after-graduation festivities all combined to pretty much eat up all day Saturday.

Sunday was the first chance I had to get back to the transfer, and when I investigated, I found that there were several problems, not just one.  Of course, all of them were the result of my own ignorance.  Having never transferred a website, I am (or was) pretty unfamiliar with the process.  I am quickly learning, though, out of sheer necessity.  I already mentioned the timing problems I ran into (attempting to change hosts on a domain that was only thirty days old).  Well, on June 3rd the automated process started again.

And it stopped again.

As I said in Friday’s posting, I had purchased the privacy option with my WordPress account, and so GoDaddy was unable to send me the requisite authorization email that would allow them to initiate the process.  As the initiator of the request though, they were able to email me to let me know that they were unable to email me.  :)  Yes, I know.  It’s a security device to keep me from hijacking someone else’s site, but I still had a good chuckle at the irony of the situation. Dear Mr. Brackett – We are emailing you to let you know that we were unable to email you….

This time it turns out that I while I was now confirmed as the administrator of the site, it seemed I also had it locked to prevent transfer.  Once again, I checked through the settings on my WordPress site, found the lock setting, and unlocked my site so it could be transferred.

Success!!!!  Well, sort of….

I had already received instructions on how to monitor the transfer process from my new GoDaddy dashboard, and was excited to find that step two of the clearly marked four-step process was now completed.  The flow chart showed that step three consisted of them requesting formal authorization from me allowing them to complete the transfer of the domain.  The “recommended action” listed was for me to “authorize transfer”.

I sat back and waited for the email.

By now I knew that some of these steps could take up to a few hours, so I wasn’t too concerned when I didn’t received any email for the first hour.  After three hours, I checked the GoDaddy dashboard again to see if I had missed something.

Nope.  The same status showed, with the same recommended action. I refreshed my email account.


So I went into my WordPress dashboard and spent the next half hour examining the various domain settings.  Finally I noticed a link to “Status”.  Clicking that link showed that there was a “Pending transfer”, with an option to “authorize” or “decline”.  I authorized, and almost immediately received three emails.  One was from Automattic (WordPress’s domain host) telling me how sad they were to see me leave them.  The second was from SecurServer.net (evidently some watchdog entity for the internet?) indicating that I had transferred my domain away from Automattic to “another registrar”.  And the third was from GoDaddy, congratulating me on the transfer of my domain to them.

Eureka! Success.

Only not quite…   You see, despite all the hoops I jumped through yesterday, my blog still appears to be here on the WordPress site.  While I appear to have successfully transferred my domain from WordPress to GoDaddy, it seems that simply typing “jlbrackett.com” into my browser still takes me back to WordPress.com and the resulting blog site still has the WordPress.com dashboard, and I am typing this entry on the WordPress.com interface. To me, that seems to indicate a DNS issue and I’m hoping that changing the DNS forwarding will fix that little issue.  I think I know how to do that, but want to re-read the emails to make sure that this is what the problem is this time.  I want to make sure I don’t break anything by jumping to a wrong conclusion.

Hopefully I’ll get this resolved in the next day or two.   :)

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