WW129 – New book release – Payne of the Past is now live!

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Jul 192022

Payne of the Past is finally out! (sort of)

As of this writing, I have uploaded and reviewed all the files for the fourth Amber Payne novel, Payne of the Past. The ebook is now live, and the paperback is in review, and in the hands of the Amazon staff.

At any rate, Payne of the Past should be fully available for sale on Amazon in a matter of hours now.

And now for the second announcement…

Upcoming IASFA Short Story Giveaway!

The International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors is doing something a little different this year. I’ve only been a member for a little over a year, but I believe this is the first time they’ve done a giveaway that focuses on short stories. So later this month (July 24th – 28th, to be exact) several IASFA members (myself included) will have some of their short stories available for free. I will have the second title in my Half Past Midnight series, The Road to Rejas, as well as my standalone story The Burning Land set for free on amazon during that period. So if you haven’t read either of those, this will be the time to get your free copy. I’ll send out another Newsblast with the link on the 24th.



That’s it for now. If you want to read more of the next book as it’s being written, you can become a patron on my Patreon site (link below). Patrons get full access to the book, a free copy of the final product when it’s finished, and my undying gratitude for supporting me.

As always, you can reply to this email with any questions or comments. Stay safe, and I’ll talk to you next time!

–Jeff Brackett


PS— Looks like I’ll have to make a new banner graphic here, won’t I?image

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WW128 – Some quick updates

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May 252022

Payne of the Past is currently with the editor, and I expect it back any day now.  I’m on my cover artist’s schedule to begin discussions on design ideas May 31.  I figure it will likely take a week or more to get a final cover.  Formatting is the last step before publishing the book.  And since I publish via Amazon’s “Kindle Unlimited” program, that means that I have to take down all the samples I posted on my Patreon page before that happens. (Amazon KU demands exclusivity to works published there.)

However, I’ve also begun writing the fifth Amber Payne novel. I don’t have a title yet, so for now I’m just calling it “AP5”.  Yeah, I know… not exactly clever.  But I have to give the files some kind of title when I save them, right?  So if you’re a patron over on my Patreon page watch for old words to disappear, and new words to begin dropping there in the next few days as Amber and her team tackle the next case.

Speaking of Patreon, you may notice that I finally got the patronage button working properly. It’s the big blue “CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT ME ON PATREON” button above. If you’re so inclined, and have a few dollars to spare, I would be incredibly grateful for your support. I know times are tight, so if you don’t have it to spare, I completely understand.  All my blog posts over there will remain completely free.  It’s only the writing previews and exclusive content that are behind the paywall.



That’s it for now. Time to get back to work on AP5.  Stay safe everyone! 

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WW127 – A Call For Redshirts!

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May 182022
Amber Payne, book 5 is officially started. I’m about 5k words into it and I realized my redshirt list is running low again. I’m down to only five names left. Of those five, one never replied to my friend request so I can’t confirm whether or not they still want to let me use their name, and one is someone who has changed their name, so I have to re-confirm. That means I need more redshirts!
So if you want me to use your name in an upcoming book or story, let me know in the comments below. But be aware that there are a few rules here…
  1. It must be YOUR name. I can’t use the name of your ex, or that crazy old uncle you want to embarrass. I will only use the names of actual volunteers.
  2. To volunteer, you need to be on my “One-th of the Month” mailing list, a Facebook “friend”, or be signed up on my Patreon page.  This is so I can contact you privately for confirmation when it comes time for your turn in the barrel, so to speak. 😉  I won’t use your name unless you do one of those things. I want a traceable conversation to show you volunteered.
  3. I can’t make any guarantees on how or when I’ll end up using your name. It might be the current WIP, or a short story I write two years from now. It might be the name of a good guy, a bad guy, a redshirt, a recurring character, or even just a designer name on a clothing line. (Yes, I’ve done that.)
IF, after all that, you still want to volunteer your name, then give me permission in the comments below.
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WW126 – Happy Top Gun Day!

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May 132022

Yes, I know… Website Wednesday on a Friday?  But I can’t help what day TGD falls on, and it needed to be acknowledged.  So happy Top Gun Day, everyone!  LOL

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WW125 – The Past Year in the Rearview

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Mar 292022

image Yep… it’s been a LOOOOONG time, hasn’t it?  The better part of a year.  During that time, I’ve gotten a new granddaughter, and have a grandson on the way.  My son and DIL are so stoked after three girls to finally have a son, and it’s actually funny to see their excitement.

But I’m back to make a few announcements.

  1. Payne of the Past – The fourth Amber Payne book is almost done (well, the first draft, anyway). The current plan is to be finished with the first draft by the end of this week. But honestly, I have family coming to visit, and I know if I don’t get it done before they get here, I won’t get it done for the next few weeks. That’s okay though. I’m close, and at this stage of the game, I’d much rather spend time with the kids and granddaughter.
  2. Monthly Newsblast – If by some chance you didn’t already know, I have an actual newsletter now.  In the April edition, I’ll be talking about my new Patreon page (see #3 below), new business cards, and how I’ve used “neural phase locking” to more than double my writing output over the last six weeks. In short, most of what I used to put in these blog posts is now covered in my monthly “Newsblast”. It comes out on the first of each month, and anyone signed up for the newsletter is also entered in a drawing to receive a free autographed copy of one of my books.  The drawing also occurs on the first day of each month, so of course, I call it the “One-th of the Month” drawing.  The button to join is at the top of my website here. See that big red “Subscribe to my Newsletter” button up there? If by some chance you don’t see it (browser issue maybe?  I dunno…), then you can copy into your browser and sign up there.
  3. Patreon – As hinted above, I’ve finally created a Patreon page. There’s another little button under “Learning to Write” that I just put up today.  See where it says “Become a patron”? The coding for the button might need a little tweaking, or maybe I just need to move it somewhere else on the page – I don’t know. But it’s there, and that will have to suffice for the time being. On the Patreon page, I will post an early edition of the Newsblast, behind-the-scenes content, and everything I write, as I write it. That means my patrons get an early look at the first drafts of my  works in progress. Even non-patrons (aka the general public) will be able to read the first 5000 words of the current WIP (which at the time of this writing is the fourth Amber Payne novel, “Payne of the Past”.) Whatever the WIP is when you go there, it will all stay up there until the books go into final formatting, at which point I will have to take them down in order to comply with Amazon’s exclusive content terms. So if you’re so inclined, I would really appreciate it if you would check out the Patreon page and see what you think. And of course, if you decide it’s worth dropping a few shekels my way, I will be MOST grateful. 


That’s it for now.  It just occurred to me that I’ve pretty much ignored this blog for far too long, and there could be people for whom this is our only point of contact. So like I said, just a few quick announcements… new pages, a new book coming soon, and me getting back into the writing saddle.  If you want more, click one of the links above and see what else is going on in my world.  Hope to see you there.

Stay safe, everyone!


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