Apr 252011

I read this as part of the “Fiends” collection.  While horror isn’t something I read that often, I had heard Cooley’s take on the genre during an interview, and it sounded more like my own.  You see, I prefer psychological horror to today’s gore-based “gross out” horror, and Cooley espoused the same view.  After reading “Closet Treats” I am not disappointed.

“Closet Treats” explores the happenings around Trey Leger and his family.  Trey suffers from a mental psychosis that sometimes causes him to hallucinate things – horrible things.  As a result, he is never quite sure if the things he sees happening around him are real, or simply the result of his mind twisting reality.

Then things get worse when neighborhood children begin disappearing…

Cooley weaves his way through the various views of reality, and causes the reader to question what is actually going on right up to the climax of the story.  More importantly, he deftly avoids the easy clichés that many authors would have used, instead taking the difficult road through the minefield of viewing the world through the eyes of a protagonist who truly doesn’t know whether or not to trust what he sees.

I highly recommend this one for anyone who wants to read good psychological horror.

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