Apr 182011

“The Second Ship” is a fun read.  It is young adult SF faintly reminiscent of the old TV serial “Roswell”.  In no way am I implying that the author took any of his ideas from said show.  I mean only that the book has some base similarities: three teens who are learning to cope with and use their “extrahuman” powers, the covert group working against them, and other setting similarities that simply cannot be avoided, considering the subject matter.

It is a fun, if less than challenging, romp through a young-adult adventure, filled with varying levels of intrigue, teen angst, and sometimes surprisingly insightful glimpses into the maturing teens’ views on the geopolitical ramifications of releasing new technologies into modern society.  (Wow!  There’s a mouthful!  8) ) While this is a promising start on an obviously larger story, it is a young adult novel in which the author writes to the younger end of his target audience – a young adult novel that emphasizes the “young” in its description.  All in all, I liked the novel.  It is a good story, with decent characterizations, plot, and mechanics.  I would highly recommend it for the twelve to fifteen year old reader.

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