Apr 162014

home-02My alarm goes off at five o’clock every morning, Monday through Friday (barring holidays and vacations).  I get out of my bed, get into my shower, get ready for work, go into my kitchen to get a lunch out of my refrigerator or freezer, go through my front door, down my sidewalk to my driveway where I get in my car to go to work.

Why all the emphasis on “my“?  Because tomorrow we sign the papers finalizing the sale of our house.  As of tomorrow afternoon, it will no longer be my house.  That occurred to me as I got out of bed this morning and it was an odd feeling.  home-08This is the house where we raised our youngest two kids during their most formative years.  It’s where we’ve had friends and family over for festive holidays, raucous game nights, pleasant dinners, and fun barbeques for the last thirteen years.  It feels strange to think that our home for more than a decade will tomorrow belong to someone else, and that for the next few nights, we will be staying in their home.

It’s not a bad feeling.  It’s just… odd.

home-19And after this weekend, my wife and I will begin a new phase of our lives together.  My better half put it into perspective a week or two back.  I don’t recall her exact words, but it was something like, “Let’s not worry so much about what might happen.  Let’s not be afraid of doing something wrong, and instead, let’s concentrate on enjoying whatever comes our way.”

She’s a smart woman, that one.  ;-)

So we move out this weekend.  We’ll be moving in with family for a short time while we look for a new home… a new place to start a new phase of our lives.  And we’re determined to face it with open eyes, open minds, and open hearts.  Wish us luck.  :heh:

Writing news –

A few minor changes since my last post… first, it looks like my writing partner, Ed Lorn, may be about ready to jump back into Chucklers sooner than anticipated.  Between his projects, and my moving, it was beginning to look like the novel was going to get put on the back burner soon.  However, we had a quick discussion about it, and it looks like we may be picking it back up in just a few more weeks.  At this point, my only real concern is that I’ll be unable to keep up with Ed’s prolific writing pace.

Also, I’ve been invited to participate in something called the “My Writing Process” blog tour next Monday (April 21).  It’s an interesting little exercise wherein authors answer a few questions about how and why they write what they do, then invite other authors to follow them.  Thinking about it, I suppose it’s a bit like the old Faberge shampoo commercial.  You write your post, then ask some other authors to participate, and they ask some more, “…and so on, and so on, and so on…”

I can see how it could become like the Song That Never Ends, an amorphous, never-ending entity,  winding its way through the ages.  Sounds like fun.   :rotfl:   So watch for my contribution to the beast next Monday.

That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend, and as always, stay safe.  :bye:

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