Jun 112015

20150611_062501I’m starting this post at 7:42 AM. It’s not significant to anyone else, but it underscores the fact that I’ve been “wasting daylight”, as they say. Until getting on this routine, I had fallen into the habit of sleeping until 8 or 9AM. No job, no reason to get up early any longer, right? For most of my life, I was up by 5 o’clock and out the door around 6. Since I’ve been up here in Oklahoma that has changed. I usually found myself up later at night, often into the wee hours of the morning, and sleeping late. But now, I’m up with MBH at 6. We make the bed, walk the girls (a one-mile circuit of the neighborhood), shower, dress for the day (and surprisingly, my work uniform isn’t always shorts and a tee-shirt) and MBH is out the door between 7 and 7:30.

And I find myself in front of the laptop again, typing my blog entry for the day.

So first, a quick recap of yesterday…

I didn’t get the hours writing that I had planned. Without getting bogged down in details, moving from Texas to Oklahoma entails changing a lot of licensing and forms. There was one that I missed when I moved up here, and it was supposed to be taken care of within ninety days of moving. Unfortunately, I missed it, and am trying to get it all straightened out. When I called the office where I needed to file, the message mentioned hours between 8 and 11AM, followed by a lunch break, and hours resuming from 1 to 4PM. I showed up at 1:45 only to find a sign on the door indicating that they had been forced to cut out the afternoon session due to reduced staffing. But since I was already in town, there was another minor errand I needed to run anyway. So I grabbed lunch, ran the errand, and headed back home, losing a couple of hours in the process.

There were other minor issues throughout the day, and I ended up only getting 1123 words written.

Now, as soon as I finish this post, I need to head out and take care of that paperwork I didn’t get to do yesterday, which means I will lose another hour or more. And so I sit here, wasting time by writing about wasted time. Talk about your irony. LOL

Guess I need to get it in gear. Stay safe everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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