Jun 162015

cabbage wormInvasion of the lettuce eating something or other worm!

We noticed several days ago that there was something munching on some of the green leafies in the Garden Tower. At the time, it wasn’t too much, and I wasn’t too concerned (what with me trying to be Mr. Organic Gardener and all that.) Two days ago, I got much more concerned when I found quite a bit more lettuce chewed, as well as some of the spinach. Worse yet, some of the lettuce was beginning to rot.

Picking through the lettuce, I found several spots with black eggs all over the leaves, and finally, I found this little guy (or more accurately, this gal) happily munching away and laying her eggs. I picked out the leaves she was on, as well as the ones on which she had laid her eggs, and tossed them into the burn pit.

Alas, that was not to be the end of the story. Yesterday was another rainy day, so I didn’t go outside to check on things. Late in the evening, MBH called me outside. She found another of the little buggers, and more eggs scattered throughout an entire section of lettuce. Trying to cut our losses, I pulled the entire pocket from the tower and looked closely for any more eggs or worms. Let’s hope I go them all.

On the writing front, yesterday was a great day. It was the first mostly full day of writing I’ve gotten, and I knocked out just a bit shy of 3000 words. W00t! If only every day could be like that. LOL

So off I go again, to the WIP. Stay safe.

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