Jun 172015

20150616_091753The Birds!

It seems like Mother Nature keeps throwing new things at us. I suppose that’s to be expected when you move to a new place, especially when it’s a rural location. New plants, animals, worms…

Yesterday it was birds… swallows, to be precise. We’ve seen them all around the neighborhood and commented on how nice it is to see something other than the common sparrows we were used to in Houston. But there’s something I never knew about swallows. Swallows like to nest in well protected, shaded areas. Places like you have under your front porch. And they build their nests out of mud and straw.

And they’re evidently VERY stubborn!

A few days ago we found the beginnings of a nest under our front porch. It was just started, so I got the water hose and washed it away. The little guys were understandably upset, but I wasn’t going to have us walking under a nest to get in and out of the front door. Almost immediately, they had started again. And again, I washed it away. Three times we went through that little exercise, until evening fell and it looked like they took the hint.

They started again yesterday morning. Like I said, they’re stubborn. MBH suggested spraying the area with that blue glass cleaner. You know, the stuff that starts with a “W”, but has a copyrighted name? ;) She figured the ammonia smell might discourage them. So I tried it.

It didn’t even slow them down. I don’t know if those little buggers have no sense of smell, or if maybe their stubborn streaks are just stronger than their sniffers, but they kept right on building. It took three more bouts with the water hose before they finally gave up. And yes I checked… no more building this morning. J

And that’s about it for my Hitchcockian adventure of the day. Let’s see what tomorrow presents.

Stay safe!

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