Mar 312012

Another short post today.

Midmorning from my parents' front porch

The view from the front deck of my parents' cabin

It looks like I’m going to be out of touch for the next week.  I’ll be traveling to visit my parents, and cell reception is sporadic at best where they live.  We have found that texting seems to work, albeit quite slowly.  Last time I was up there, it took a few hours to actually receive text messages that my wife sent me.  They do have a regular land line, but I understand their satellite internet service has been out for the last several weeks, and the cost to have a repairman out to their cabin is a bit pricey, so they’ve simply done without, hoping that I’ll be able to fix it when I get there.  Unfortunately, judging by what they told me, it sounds like the problem is the satellite receiver itself, and not anything on the internal infrastructure side, so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do much other than confirm the problem.

For a person who lives and breathes by the internet, this is going to be a real test of my ability to temporarily re-adapt to a 1970s lifestyle, and I fear I may no longer be up to the challenge.  :idk:  I suppose I just have to … umm, talk to people!  Lucky for me, my parents can still tolerate me and don’t mind when I strike up a conversation.  :)

So if you don’t see me on Facebook, Twitter, or answering email, don’t think I’ve fallen off the edge of the world.  I’m just taking a bit of time off to spend time with my parents.  To paraphrase what I said in my earlier post about my daughter, appreciate your family while you can – before you’re sitting around wondering where the time went.

Be safe, everyone.  :bye:

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  1. Safe Journeys…take care of yourself.

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