Nov 012011

I received the manuscript back last night from the editors of the anthology to which I’ve been accepted.  I still have to keep quiet on what the anthology is, since they’ve still not released the names of final acceptances, so for now, I will simply refer to it as “The Anthology”.  At any rate, I have removed the progress meter on Half Past Midnight (since it is basically complete now, and is simply waiting on cover art and formatting), and have replaced it with a new progress meter for the editing phase of The Burning Land.

At the time of this writing, I have scanned through their comments, but haven’t done any of the editing.  So right now, the meter sits on zero of nineteen requested edits.  They have requested all edits be returned to them before November 14, so I’ve got a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks.  I hope to have the first few edits done tonight, and (hopefully) get the rest completed by the end of next weekend.  That should give the editors a little more breathing room, and save them from pulling out their collective hair by the roots. 

So, one more project to add to the pile.  Current status (HPM = Half Past Midnight, R2R = The Road to Rejas, TBL = The Burning Land, SoP = Streets of Payne):

  1. HPM formatting review – completed, with Change Request Form submitted for thirteen changes (1 actual formatting mistake, 4 writing mistakes I caught during yet another re-read of the manuscript, and eight possible changes that may or may not be required – depending on final cover art).
  2. HPM cover art – first concept piece returned with comments to Telemachus Press.  Awaiting next iteration and/or next concept piece.
  3. HPM podcast recording – began re-recording last weekend.  LOTS of work still to do on this one.
  4. R2R writing – I estimate that I’m probably about halfway finished with the first draft on this one.  Need to get on the ball with this, since this is only the first draft and I want to have it completed before year-end so I can time the release to coincide with HPM.
  5. R2R cover – I’m not going to be caught without a cover on this one the way I was with HPM.  I have already begun searching through artwork & will probably have a viable cover soon.
  6. TBL – Well, you just read about this, so no need to put any more about it here.
  7. SoP first draft – This one is currently on hold, but it’s like a guillotine hanging over me.  I have until May to get my first draft to the editor, and while that seems like a long time, I know just how quickly it can sneak up on me.
  8. SoP cover – Again, planning to get cover art well in advance on this one.  I have an idea for thematic covers that should span the trilogy, but may end up having to actually hire an artist for them to get what I want.

So yeah, I’ve got just a few things on my writing projects plate.  But I find I’m looking forward to it all.  This is the life I want.  If only it weren’t for all the stuff my paying job requires of me.  :)

Ah, well – maybe some day.  For now, keep reading, keep writing, and keep safe.


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