Jun 252012

Cover for “Explorers: Beyond the Horizon”

TBL – I received an email from Justin Macumber, from The Dead Robots’ Society regarding the release of their anthology Explorers: Beyond the Horizon.  You may or may not remember, but I have a story in the anthology called The Burning Land.  Well, Justin says they’ve just about got all the “T”s crossed and the “I”s dotted – enough that they’re comfortable making the release date official.  Woohoo! :jump:   So July 1st is the date.  I’ll release more details as soon as possible, but for now all I can ask is that everyone get ready.  This promises to be a great collection of stories, even if it does have one of mine in it.   :laugh:

EBS – In other news, the collaboration with Edward Lorn is off to an exciting start.  We’ve begun fleshing out some of the details, adjusting the characters for some of the interactions, and I’m really beginning to get excited about the path this thing is taking.  Characters are already beginning to speak to me… and one of them is a real jerk.

SoP – Streets of Payne is still progressing.  In point of fact, I like the way Ed and I are working with EBS, since we’re alternating character POVs on that book, it gives me a little time to work on SoP while he tweaks his part.  Of course, Ed’s a pretty quick writer (much faster than I am) so I’m sure he’ll be waiting on me much more often than vice versa.  Still, this process should serve to keep me pretty busy.  If I’m not working on SoP, then I should be working on EBS.  And if for some reason both of them are stalled, I’m beginning to make notes for HPM2.  Basically, there’s no reason for me not to have something to work on.  I might not be writing all the time, but there are notes on plots, characters, themes…  Wow.  It just occurred to me that I’m planning to try to make a living as a high school Literature student!  I’m not really sure how to feel about that.

That’s it for now, but there may be some mid-week announcements related to a couple of these events.

Stay safe.  :bye:

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