Aug 062012

Well, I meant to blog last night, but when we finished working on the guest bathroom, I couldn’t find my laptop.  Finally found it this evening in the dogs’ crate, of all places!  There were claw marks on the keys, and drool on the screen.  Hmm…

Oh well.

A few quick announcements –

Remember when I said I was about ready to release The Road to Rejas?  Well, there’s been a slight hiccup with that plan.  You see, while the actual story is basically complete, there is more to publishing than simply writing the story.  There is also editing, cover art, formatting, and the actual act of publishing.  Since I’ve already gotten the story and editing phase done, I’ve had to make some decisions with regards to the latter steps.  Obviously, I have no talent for cover art, and haven’t taken the time to learn to do the formatting and publishing, so I decided to commission Streetlight Graphics to do this for me.  And since I plan on also doing a sequel to HPM, I figured I would look into re-doing the cover for it, as well.  The idea is to bring the covers in line with one another thematically, while also leaving room for expansion of the series.  I’m pretty excited by the idea, but the down side is that Streetlight Graphics is currently booked until mid-September – which means that it will probably be the end of September before I can publish.

On the one hand, I really want to get this story out to the world.  On the other, I don’t want to put it out if I don’t feel I’ve done the best job I can.  I feel like anyone who is willing to read my stuff deserves the best I can give them.

The other annoncement is also about cover art.  Remember when I mentioned that I was afraid I had lost the artist I had commissioned to do the artwork for Streets of Payne?  Well, I received an email from her last week.  It turns out she went through some problems with her computer and internet provider.  She has confirmed receipt of my payment and says she is getting back on track with her projects.  Yay!!

I’m so relieved, because I got a good feel from her work, and thought from the moment I saw it that she had the potential to do an amazing job for SoP.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.  And for once, I will be in the position of having the cover art ready well in advance of the publication.  After all, SoP isn’t even completed yet.  :-D

On a more personal note, the rest of this week is going to be a crazy one around the house.  We’re getting new tile and carpet in various rooms in the house.  We can’t afford to do everywhere we had wanted, so for now, we’ll settle for tile in the bathrooms, and new carpet in the den, guest room, and my office.  That is scheduled for the next two days (Tuesday & Wednesday), with my new office furniture slated for delivery on Friday.

All right.  That’s it for now.  Take care, everyone.  And as always, be safe.  :bye:

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