Nov 202012

It’s coming up on that time of year again.  The time when we are supposed to reflect on what we’ve been given in life, and give thanks.  And while I may not be a terribly religious person, it has recently occurred to me that I am, indeed, a very lucky person.  There are times when I think I’ve really got it better than I have a right to expect.  I have an amazing wife and kids, friends of mine and friends of theirs that are like extended family, a decent roof and car, and a job that pays the bills.

With my writing, I have a hobby that I love that has added another layer to my life.  In addition to the obvious fact that it adds a supplemental income stream, my writing has introduced me to a new world of wonderful people – many of whom I would have otherwise never known.

There is Barry Begault, who I knew from work before I ever knew he was a writer.  Barry writes his Snack Reading line in a fun, quirky, “Twilight Zone”-esque style, designing most of his works to be read in about an hour or so.

When I got serious with my own writing, and I decided I was ready to try to publish, I had to find an editor.  In Lynn McNamee (the Red Adept, herself) I found not only the best editor a writer could hope for, but I gained a good friend.  Thank you, Lynn.

Through Lynn, I met fellow Red Adept writer Edward Lorn.  Ed is a kindred soul… and believe me, it isn’t easy to find someone as twisted as I am.  ;-)

And the rest of the Red Adept family – editors, proofreaders, publicists, and fellow authors.  Jim, Stephanie, Imogen, Diana, Christine, Nell, Linda, Lauren, and so many other good people – I have learned so much from all of you.  You guys all rock!

And there will always be the Dead Robots’ Society.  There are far too many DRS members to mention, but I have to at least acknowledge the head robots – Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon and Paul E. Cooley.  You guys are truly inspirational to an aspiring writer.  Anyone who wants to learn about the new face of writing should consider the Dead Robots’ Society podcast as essential listening.

And there are others of you who I don’t know as well, but I have been impressed by your kind words and at times by your selfless generosity.  Some of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting face to face, and others I haven’t.  Some of you I only know through your emails, or comments on Facebook, or on this blog.  Whether I know you well, or we’ve only exchanged a few emails, please know that I’m grateful to have made your acquaintance.  J. Antle, Lori, Rita, Mike, Jesse, Carol, Kristen, and so may others – thank you.  I’m a better person for having “met” you all.  8-)

Sometimes it floors me, just how lucky I am.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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