Apr 042011

As I said, the main purpose of this blog is to have a place to post about my writing projects.  Currently, my main project is a novel called “Half Past Midnight”.  The title is a reference to the Doomsday Clock, created by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in 1947 during the Cold War.  It’s a post-apocalyptic novel set shortly after a nuclear war that destroys much of modern civilization as we know it.  The draft is done, and it’s currently out to a couple of beta readers.  After that, I need to decide whether or not I can afford an editor.  The next step would be publishing it as an e-book.

Of course, another possibility would be to publish the e-book first, dedicating my efforts into marketing and sales, then use proceeds to pay for an editor & republish a refined product after the editor is done with it.

Actually, that might be a viable model. I could publish new books initially for 99 cents, then increase the price on the post edit version to the standard $2.99 that most e-books go for.  It’s something to consider anyway.

In the meantime, I’m also working on recording it as a podcast novel with the intent being to publish it through Podiobooks.com.

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  1. Good luck! And, you’re welcome for the title. I modest tip is all I ask. ;)

    • How about an acknowledgment in the book? :)

      BTW, have you heard the promo yet? I would appreciate any honest feedback. I’ve heard from Terry and Casey, and both say the vocals seem off. Am hoping to get some suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

  2. […] from Lynn late last week indicating that we’re finally done with the heavy editing passes on Half Past Midnight.  At this point, it goes to the proofreader(s).  So now to wait for that.  Don’t […]

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