May 132012

This one is going to be short and sweet – mainly because it’s just after midnight on Mother’s Day morning, & I have a breakfast to make in about seven hours.  :)

It’s been a busy weekend so far.  If you follow me on FaceBook, then you may have caught on that my wife & I spent yesterday driving to and from San Antonio.  What I don’t think I mentioned was why.  Well, our youngest finished her first year at college and we moved her back home yesterday.  We thought it was going to be a two-day affair, but our daughter was anxious enough to get home that she already had everything packed, stacked, and ready to go.  Her car was already loaded, and once we got there, it took all of a couple of hours to get the rest packed and ready to hit the road.  Rather than stay in a hotel, we figured we could get back home in a matter of a few hours, where we could sleep in our own beds.

Of course, the weather was a rather interesting, as I showed on Facebook, but we made it home without any real problems.  Still, the trip took more out of us than you would think, and much of today was spent recovering (aka napping). :)

And that brings us to Mother’s Day.  I have a wonderful wife, and had thought I was going to be making her a nice dinner.  But I was informed earlier this week that since our youngest was going to be back home, Mama was going to be making her favorite for her – pot roast.  So as I said before, I’ll be making a (hopefully) nice breakfast for her instead.

And believe it or not, we have to do some shopping tomorrow, also.  One of our daughter’s friends is also near and dear to us.  Over the last few years we have shared tears and laughter with her to the point that she’s very much like an adopted daughter to us – and her graduation is coming up.  My wife had a great idea for a gift for her, so we’re going to go see if we can find this treasure for her.

And of course, I need to call my own mother tomorrow (make that later today) as well.  My parents are having a rough time, and I wish there was more I could do for them, and my mom especially on this Mother’s Day.  But for now, I can only call them and check to see how they are doing.  So Mom, if you read this before you hear from me, know that I’m thinking of you, I love you, and I wish you only the very best.

Other items:

1. I’ve gotten back to writing on Road to Rejas.  There are a couple of plot holes that I’m working to fill in properly.  It’s another situation of knowing in my head what I meant, but not getting it into the manuscript properly.

2. My mom has just been introduced to Facebook, and found my sites there, and even sent me a quick chat, letting me know what she was up to.  Very cool.   :)

3. Made final preparations for an upcoming trip to meet my editor and a writing colleague.  It will be a combination business and pleasure trip, and I’m looking forward to actually meeting some of the people that I’ve only been able to interact with via the internet up to now.

4.  And don’t forget, I still have the upcoming interview with new author Edward Lorn.  Yep, Yours Truly is going to be the first stop on Ed’s upcoming blog tour designed to promote his newly released novel, Dastardly Bastard.  This will be an off schedule blog posting, coming early Tuesday morning.  There will be interesting background on the author and the book, as well as information on a promotional giveaway, so come back here Tuesday for your first chance to win some swag.

Until then, stay safe. :bye:

And hug the mothers in your life.  :party:

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