Jan 012013

Well, it appears we survived the dreaded December 21 apocalypse, so I suppose it’s time to get on with life.  It’s now the first of a new year, and time for those dreaded resolutions.

Actually, that’s the wrong attitude, isn’t it?  It’s time to grab the new year by the horns and take advantage of the opportunities presented.  Yeah, it’s resolution time.  So, first of all, health – I need to lose weight.  I could stand to lose quite a bit, but I’m going to resolve to lose thirty by June and keep it off for the rest of the year. That’s going to be the harder part.  I gave it half-hearted lip service a few months ago, lost a couple of pounds, and then entered the holidays with a full appetite.  I haven’t gained any, but my weight loss stopped at two pounds. It’s time to change that.

Next – writing.  I will finish Streets of Payne, and have it published before the end of the second quarter of next year.  Additionally, I will have the first draft of the HPM sequel done, and will do everything within my power to have it published before the end of 2013.  I can’t promise to actually have it published, because I’ve found that there are some pieces of the publishing puzzle over which I simply have no control.  I don’t know what my editor’s schedule is like that far in advance (and neither will she at this point), just as I don’t know what the cover artist and formatter’s schedule is going to be like.  But I can control the writing, so that is where I will concentrate my efforts.

Now for the more esoteric stuff.  I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m something of a survivalist.  I simply view it as learning to embrace a self-reliant lifestyle.  To that end, I’ve joined a web site called “13 Skills“.  The site is an offshoot of “The Survival Podcast” forum, and is designed with the idea that those folks interested in learning to be more self-sufficient should take the opportunity to learn “13 in 13”, or thirteen new skills in 2013.  I haven’t yet chosen thirteen skills, but the ones I’ve chosen so far are:

1. Aquaponics  —   Learn to build a balanced aquaponics system as research for upcoming book.

2. Archery — Acquire an inexpensive bow & arrows. Learn to shoot accurately. (Also useful as research for the upcoming HPM sequel.)

3. Concealed Weapons Permit —    Acquire CHL.

4. Soap Making  — Learn to make small batch soaps.

5. Sprouting — Sprout seedlings for spring garden.

6. Gardening — Learn and put into practice techniques for small footprint gardening. (Made a stab at this in the late fall, but it was just too late in the season, and everything has pretty much died.)  :cry:

7. Cordage and Twining—  Learn to make paracord items such as rescue belt & explore whether or not same technique can be used for heavier gauge cordage such as climbing rope.

8. Canning — Learn to can & put it into practice.

9. Fitness —  Lose at least 30 lbs. & keep it off! (Already covered this one above.)

10. Water Catchment/Filtering — Acquire/build rain catchment system for back yard. Incorporate rainwater runoff for gardening.


That’s all I can think of right now.  What about you?  What are your plans for 2013?

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