Jul 262011

Yep.  I’m still at it. :?  This post could easily turn into a litany of reasons I haven’t finished the editing, but I will resist that particular temptation.  If there is anything that I’ve learned over the last fifty years, it’s that life will always give you excuses not to finish important projects.  There will always be outings with the family, overtime needed at work, or that great new book or movie to distract you.  And after enough of these distractions, you look back and realize that the progress meter on whatever project you’re tracking isn’t moving all that quickly.

It can get depressing, and there are times when you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “who do you really think you’re kidding?”

Anyone who knows me, knows I go through occasional bouts with this feeling of malaise.  But this time I find its grip is weaker.  I’ve come to accept that it’s up to me whether or not I allow life to dissuade me from completion of my chosen task.  And I choose “not”.

So while my progress has been slow, it has nevertheless been steady.  I finished the last of my repetitive word/phrase edits this morning and I think I’m on the home stretch overall.  I’m currently working on some character enhancements, which is the last major part of my edits. (Yay me!) :)   After that, all that’s left are minor little tweaks (like adding another Century at the beginning of a chapter, where I broke a long chapter into two smaller ones).

I’m almost afraid to say anything for fear that I’ll jinx myself, but I hope to finish the last of my edits this coming weekend.  In other words, by this time next week, I should be working on the podcast version of the book – at least until Lynn goes through it again and points out everything I’ve missed.  :)   Then the next round of editing begins.

In other news…

Reading – I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of Nathan Lowell‘s work, both audio and written.  I’ve listened to the podiobook version of all his Solar Clipper books (twice), the Tanyth Fairport novel – Ravenwood, and South Coast.  Additionally, I’ve purchased and read the three Solar Clipper books that are currently out for Kindle, and even got my wife hooked on them.  We’re both chomping at the bit, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Double Share.  I’ve even become one of his rabid fans who listens to his daily musings on his “Talking On My Morning Walk” podcast (though I’m just now up to the early June podcasts).  I don’t necessarily recommend them to everyone, unless you want a little insight into his thoughts on writing (which I definitely do).

So imagine how tickled I was to find that he has released the first of a series of novellas set in the universe of the “Golden Age of the Solar Clipper”.  It’s called “A Light In The Dark (Tales of the Deep Dark)“, and is available for 99 cents as a Kindle download (and probably B&N or iOS as well, though I don’t know for sure).  It took me all of five seconds to click the button for that one, and I’m currently just under halfway through it.  The man is a great storyteller and writer, and an inspiration to me.  Basically, he personifies the type of writer I would like to be.  I dare you to read his stuff and not be impressed.  :)

Work – Things are exciting at work these days (think of the ancient Chinese curse when I say exciting).  We just rolled out a new ERP system to our division of the company, and as IT support supervisor for a good portion of our North and South American sites, I got to be on the front lines for problem resolution – and there have been plenty of them.  Now that the dust is beginning to settle, the company is undergoing a major re-org, and my team and I are being rolled into a new division.  Coincidentally, this new division is the next on the list to undergo the new ERP rollout. AARRRGGGHHHHH!! 

So we will once more be on the front lines, for the next phase of what (if the latest experience is any indication) will likely be another two or three-month long rollout – during which time all our other tasks will be shoved to the back burner.  The thing is – even on the back burner, some things are bound to boil over.  At this rate, we’ll NEVER get caught up.  (sigh)

Home – Baby bird is about ready to leave the nest.  Just a few more weeks, and we’ll be moving the youngest to her dorm for her first year in college.  It’s a strange feeling, actually.  All the stories you hear about how “it’s different with the youngest” appear to be true.  While the eldest daughter never went to college, neither did she let any grass grow under her feet when she graduated high school.  Within a few weeks after graduation, she had moved out and was looking for greener pastures.  Middle son spent two years in a special program for the military, attempting to get into a combat aviation program.  During his second year of college, the Navy changed their vision requirements for pilots, and he was suddenly ineligible.  He then tried for a spot in a Marine Officer candidate training program and was doing well when his recruiter was found to be falsifying records.  She was court marshalled, and since there was no way to determine what records had been tampered with, and which ones hadn’t, all records of all candidates were thrown out, and he was right back to square one.  He’s now working on a plain enlistment, but on his own terms.  On the one hand, I REALLY sympathize with his situation.  On the other, he REALLY needs to get out on his own.  :)

I guess the point I was trying to make was that both of the older kids were ready to get out on their own, and we were ready to help them do so.  Baby bird is actually a bit more difficult.  While academically she is the most well-rounded of the kids, she is also the only one that seems to be almost afraid to leave the nest.  That makes it harder for us, too.  Still, she’s an amazingly talented artist (spoken as a proud parent – no prejudice here at all :) ) and is pursuing her dream, going for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  As a matter of fact, I am hoping to get her to do the artwork for my book cover.

So that’s it for now.  Time to get back to work.

Ack!  On second thought it looks like it’s time to get to bed.  I’ll work on the edits again tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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