Sep 152013

Yeah, I know.  But honestly, who’s really reading this thing, anyway?  Yes, my family, and occasionally one or two others, but let’s face it–this is more of a “dear diary” thing than a real means of getting any information out to anyone.  And the last time I had any comments here was back in May.

So I’m probably going to shift gears here on the blog.  There will still be the occasional special entry, regarding special events in which I plan to participate (as a matter of fact, I may have one in the works pretty soon), and I still haven’t written about my adventures at the World Science Fiction Convention two weeks ago – so that should be coming soon.  But other than that, most entries will likely be much shorter, less “writer-y” (as my better half says).  And I’m actually considering a complete face-lift on the site.

I’m thinking about trying to integrate sub-pages related to my writing, maybe doing a special page for the “Rejas stories”, and one for the Amber Payne stories, and others for projects as they roll around.  I was even thinking I might try to put a page in for mini podcasts, recording a few thoughts.  I’ve been hesitant to do any of this, because I’m afraid it will tend to decentralize my site and make it harder for folks to navigate.  But if it’s just a few of us on her anyway, then why not, right?  ;)

So I may make some changes here (if I can figure out how).  And if anyone other than my family is actually reading this, drop me a comment and let me know that this thing might not be a complete waste of time.  ;)

Stay safe.

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