Aug 072011

I’m a bit surprised to discover how many people are visiting my site.  Initially I thought this was going to be little more than my own little online diary, and as such, I wrote more for myself than anyone else.  There were, of course, thoughts that some people might find me later – after I publish, but here I am a month after launching this blog, and Google analytics tells me I’ve had 118 distinct visitors to my site.  It’s not really big, by any means, but it’s about 115 more than I expected just now.  8-) Checking the stats shows me that peak visitation usually occurs after I post to Twitter, and I imagine that if I got serious with my Facebook site, that would help as well. That is after all, why they call it social networking, right? :laugh:

It seems that I have become part of a network without even being aware of it.  As I’ve come to realize this, my posts have changed.  I no longer simply write for myself.  I assume that there may be other people out there who are as eager to learn about this new world of self- or indie- publishing as I am, so I write for them.  Now, since my current experience is mainly just with the writing and editing phase of the process, that means that all I can offer for the rest is to simply point out when I find a good resource.

Anyone who has read any of my older posts knows how much I recommend The Dead Robots’ Society as a place to meet fellow aspiring writers, and to learn about the trials and tribulations of the business from those who are going through the same thing.  And any of you who have listened to their podcasts, will have likely already heard of the lady I am about to recommend.  But if you haven’t, let me strongly recommend Robin Sullivan‘s blog, Write to Publish.

I first heard of Robin and Michael J. Sullivan in a podcast interview with The Dead Robots, and was delighted with their down to earth, no-holds-barred attitude. Michael is the author of The Riyria Revelations, a fantasy series that begins with The Crown Conspiracy (you will find it listed in my sidebar widget of “Some Books I Recommend”).  I am not a huge fan of fantasy, but I read this one at the recommendation of some people I trust, and was pleasantly surprised. Michael is a fine storyteller and author.

As fine as he is though, I would like to focus on his wife.  Robin Sullivan is a guru when it comes to understanding the changing landscape of modern publishing.  During that first DRS interview I heard her in, she was amazingly succinct and well versed, spouting facts and statistics that everyone else seems to view as taboo.  She was a refreshing font of information, and has been back on The Dead Robots’ Society for more interviews and Q&A sessions.  Now I knew her publishing company, Ridan Publishing, had a website, but I haven’t bothered to mention it because Ridan is currently closed to submissions.  What I never thought to search for was a blog.  It wasn’t until I began to follow her on Twitter that I noticed her blog posts.  At that point I discovered that this wonderful lady has been sharing her knowledge almost daily on Write to Publish.

So let me rectify my oversight here.  If you (like me) are searching for good sources of information from which you can learn about modern publishing, please do yourself a favor and visit Write to Publish.  You absolutely won’t regret it.

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  1. I’m glad you’re getting so much out of our interviews. That’s why we do it. We’re glad to have you on the boards, and out there keeping us in your ears. :)

    • Thanks Justin. You guys at The Dead Robots’ Society are a fantastic resource for those of us who are trying to learn about writing. These days, I’m focussing more on the business aspect – but you’ve covered everything from plot structure and characterization, to legal resources and contract negotiation. And that doesn’t count the more common resource of critiques and discussions on the forum at your site.

      Thanks for all the help you guys have provided.

  2. Jeff,
    Just thought I wouild do a pre-release spot for you on my website, not that many will see it but what the hell!!

    Keep Writing!

    • Thanks Barry. It’s still a bit early, but I really appreciate it. Why not put a plug in here for your site? Of course, if you’re going to have people visit the site, you’ll have to start putting content in it. :)

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