Oct 012012

Let me apologize up front.  The last few weeks have presented several challenges that have led to late posting to the blog here.  I try to post once a week – usually on the weekend, or Monday.  And yes, sometimes I’m late, but usually only by a day or so.  This time, I pretty much missed the boat completely.  The fun started with our daughter’s accident in mid-September.  It’s taken this long for the insurance issues to straighten themselves out, but they’ve finally made it official that the car has been totaled.  On the positive side, it turns out that it was worth more than we had hoped, so we won’t have to get her a total clunker as a replacement vehicle.  I’m supposed to pick up a check tomorrow, and we begin shopping tonight.

And the big scare last weekend… Without going into too much detail (because it’s not my story to give out), my dad had some medical issues last weekend, so my sister and I took a trip to go visit and help out however we could.  He’s doing much better now, and I’m back home.  Not a huge deal, but it did cause me to re-prioritize some things on my plate, and all things considered, the blog post is a minor item on my regular to-do list.

But there are also writing things going on.  Streets of Payne is moving like frozen molasses.  I feel like I’ve hit a wall with it.  I think I’m probably trying to write too linearly (is that a word?).  In the past when something like this happened, I just dropped the section that was giving me so much trouble, moved beyond it to another section, and things eventually worked themselves out.  I suppose I need to try that with the latest problem.

The Road to Rejas is so close to publishing I can just about taste it.  The cover is done, and the manuscript is being formatted for publication.  If things go as I hope, R2R may publish as early as next week!  Additionally, I’ll hopefully be able to do a double cover reveal later this week.  Yes, a double cover reveal.

See, when I got with the fantastic folks of Streetlight Graphics, they suggested that it might be a good idea to revise the cover for HPM, aligning it with the look of the new R2R cover.  In essence, they have helped me create a “branded” look for the two, and have additionally left the door open to follow these two with a similar cover for the sequel coming out next year.  I’ve already seen the final cover for R2R, as well as the preliminary for HPM.  They look awesome, if I do say so myself.  :yes:

So I’m getting a little excited for the R2R release.  I know it’s just a novella, but it’s part of the HPM story that I wanted to tell, and it will serve as a link between HPM and the sequel next year.  There will be crossover characters and back story that will flow into the sequel, and lions and tigers and bears…. oh my.  Well, maybe not lions or tigers.  I might have a bear though.

I’m just sayin’. 8-)

That’s it for now.  Stay safe, everyone. :bye:

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  1. Sorry to hear your rough patches in life, Jeff. How your daughter is doing well and shiney! I am your biggest fan, (yeah I gained a few pounds) and am ready for the next two works you have to offer. You may have noticed that I have a blog that I just speak my mind. Not too wild just comments on todays news and problems. With this new job, and my learning curve straight up, I have not had too much time to work on my novelettes as of late.
    Vacation Earth, My Dad the Computer, and Alien Singularity are the three I am currently working on with Voice of the Dolphin running a close 4th. You would think that working on 4 stories simultaneously would keep my mind into writing all the time, but it appears that my imagination has taken a vacation.
    Most of scenes in my stories are from my dreams, and of late my dreams have been very tame! (Damn it!) My characters “talk” to me in my dreams and I can usually “see” them clearly. Apparently I need to eat more oyster and peanut butter on raisin bread with hot mustard and pickles before retiring to get the really GOOD dreams!
    Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting your next literary masterpieces! And by the by, your short story “The Burning Land” is by far the BEST short story I have ever read to date!

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