Dec 242011

Well, it’s not the Christmas we had planned, but it’s Christmas, nevertheless.  Our youngest got in from college sick with a severe sinus infection and laryngitis – severe enough to put a halt to our plans for a holiday trip to see the family.  As you can see here, she didn’t feel so good, but our dog Bella was determined to keep her company. 

She’s a good dog.  She knows when one of us isn’t doing well, and always wants to comfort us at those times.  I’ve never had a dog that seemed so empathic.  Of course, as you can see here to the right, she is a little camera-shy.  :-)

So as I said, this may not be the Christmas we planned, but our daughter is getting better, and we get to spend the big day with our son, who was going to have to stay behind for work while we went on our trip.  All in all, it’s been a good lesson in what’s really important.  My family’s well, and we get to be together.  And while we might not get to be with my parents this year, they understand.  This is a lesson they learned long ago. 8-)

So here’s to you.  May you have a safe and merry Christmas, and I wish you all the happiest of holidays.

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