The Burning Land


Arik is Kapin of “The Serpent”, a sailing ship on a far-away world of green skies and orange seas.  And though technically the leader of their expedition, he knows the true power on board lies in the hands of his only passenger – the Seer, Uson Grogor.  Arik and Uson lead the crew across the vastness of the ocean, risking the lives of the crew as they sail ast the point at which their supplies might still get them home, all based on the visions of the old Seer.

Captain Rayland, and his Executive Officer, Layla Golden, guide their 400 year old generation ship “Armstrong”, in a desperate attempt to find a habitable world before their systems fail them, stranding crew and colonists in the dark emptiness of space.  When they discover a Goldilocks planet circling an orange dwarf star, they know it represents their last, desperate hope for survival.

Two vastly different expeditions, pushing the boundaries of possibility.  See how they connect in “The Burning Land.”



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