May 122011

As much as I hated to do it, I had to drop out of my martial arts class.  It’s unfortunate, but currently, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for my family, my work, my writing, my martial arts, my knife making, etc.  Something(s) had to give.  I mean, there’s only so long that a person can keep going on five hours of sleep each night.

So I’ve decided to take the three nights a week that I would normally be paying someone to kick my ass, and dedicating that time to my writing and podcasting.  I’ve decided to start treating the writing as my second job.  More accurately, I’m going to treat it like my own business, and there just isn’t enough time to play (which is how I see the three night a week pummeling sessions) when there is so much work that needs to be done on the new business.

On the up side, since my writing is now going to be a new business, there are going to be startup costs.  Yep, I get to invest money in my business.  (Yay!)  Better yet, I get to claim those startup costs on my tax returns next year.  So I’ve bought my own domain and invested in a hosting plan, which means  I’ll be working soon on converting my current blog into a more robust website.  I’ve hired a professional editor, bought the handy-dandy H2 microphone for my podcasting, bought some software…. before it’s all said and done, I figure I’ll probably spend between $2500 and $3000 on this project before my first book hits the electronic shelves.

Before that happens, there is a lot of prep work to do.  I’m busy recording, editing and producing my podcast version of the novel ( a fun, but extremely time-consuming undertaking).  I’m working with my daughter, trying to coax her into doing the cover art for me.  There’s that website I still need to either build or transfer.  I’m getting ready to work with my editor (that feels kinda cool to be able to say… “my editor”  :lol: ) when she starts getting back to me with changes to the novel.  These are all aspects of running the new business that is my writing-career-to-be.

So I have to keep nose firmly affixed to grindstone, which means no more fun time with the other kids, letting the young bucks pound on the old guy.  :???:   Maybe when the writing starts to pay for itself I can get back into it.  At that point, maybe I can write it off as a research “expense” for a novel.  :)   Hell, if I play my cards right, I could write an ongoing series that will require constant research for several years.  :)   But for  now, no more knife fighting, no more stick fighting, no more wrist locks and submissions, no more bruises all up and down my arms and torso, and no more sparring sessions that leave each and every joint and muscle screaming at me in protest.

Damn, I’m gonna miss that class!  :lol:

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  1. I’ve been running on five hours of sleep a night for the last decade. No, it is not something I want to keep doing but that gives you an answer to how long a person can do it.

    And where are you getting all this time to read? I’ve gotten through maybe the first six chapters of a book I started several weeks ago (The Devil in The White City.) Your burning through reviews on GoodReads.

    • I’m reading a lot of the top (or at least more successful) Kindle authors to see what I might learn from studying their stuff. The reviews are a combination of courtesy and networking. I can hardly expect people to read and review my work if I don’t do the same. ;)

      And quite honestly, each review I post puts my name back on front of my twitter followers and lets them know I’m taking the writing thing seriously.

      As for “burning through” the reviews, I’ve always been a pretty fast reader. Not as fast as my better half, but pretty fast. But you’ll notice that the heavier stuff stays on my “reading” list longer. Michio Kaku’s book has been there a couple of weeks now and I’m not even 10% done. His stuff takes a bit more attention than a YA novel full of teen angst and fantasy. ;)

  2. These are all good motivations. I agree that reading and reviewing others work will help with your own efforts. Enlightened self-interest and all that. :-)

    What I’m interested in though is the time aspect. Perhaps I just need better time management skills. I can read fast enough, it is just finding time in the day to do so. As it is about the only time I get a chance to read these days is in the carpool. That only gives me about ten minutes at a time, since reading in a moving vehicle fatigues me greatly. (Which is better than two years ago when it made me nauseous.)

    • I attribute that to the Kindle. I’m always hearing or reading about some new author who is recommended, and I load the book on the Kindle. The Kindle goes with me everywhere, so whenever I have any down time, I can whip out the Kindle and read a few pages. A few pages here, a few pages there… it adds up.

      That’s harder to do with something like Kaku’s books, though. His stuff requires true concentration to follow (at least for me), so it’s more difficult to read just a few pages at a time and retain the knowledge. I have another of his books (dead tree format) that I bought as a reference tool about two years ago. I still haven’t actually read it. :)

      Compare that to a YA novel wherein the most complicated thing is finding out whether the heroine is going to kill the antagonist, or run away with the love interest; or an urban fantasy where the shaman has to find out how to defeat the local vampire gang; or the mystery in which… well, you get the picture. :lol:

      If it makes you feel any better though, I’ll likely be slowing down a bit on the reading. I am getting into some large scale projects at work, and a lot of my time will be taken up planning and organizing those. Between that, my own writing and podcasting, getting ready for the youngest’s graduation, etc., my reading time is going to be greatly restricted.

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