May 212011

There has been a big discussion among some people with whom I have worked regarding an impromptu gathering of “alumni” for a cruise.  Now, it just so happens that my wife and I were considering going on a cruise for our last anniversary, and decided that the timing just wasn’t right.  So when all this noise started about some of the old gang from work getting together for one, we jumped in with them.  We are now booked for a five-day Caribbean cruise for next February 13th through the 18th.  I hope the cruiser can survive the bunch of us.  :)

And if that wasn’t reason enough to label this day as a “good day”, I got word that my submission, (name edited for now), has been accepted into an anthology!  WOOT!!

I’ve been asked not to talk about it yet, so this post is edited to remove the earlier reference to exactly which anthology, but it’s still a WOOT moment!  :)

I honestly had my doubts that it would pass muster, since I don’t usually do short stories, but I got the coveted email a few hours ago asking if the story was still available, and if I was still interested in being included in the anthology.  I think it may have taken  me all of two minutes to reply.  :lol:

I still don’t have all the particulars, but I know it’s a paying market, with a token payment up front and semi-annual royalties following.  I guess this is the proof that I’ll need to show the tax man that my expenditures on my writing are part of a “serious” business endeavor.

I don’t know that this is supposed to be common knowledge at this point, so I’m making sure my Twitter publication button is shut off for this post.  But since very few of you know where this site is, I figure it’s safe to mention it here.

Here’s hoping the anthology does well!

  2 Responses to “Now THIS has been a good day!”

  1. The world may not be ready for you and your cronies on a cruise. :-)

    And congrats on getting the story in the anthology! If you can just get your podcast on you’ll have a triumvirate. :-)

  2. The moment I saw this was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in writing this tutorial.

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