Dec 062017

WARNING – LOTS of foul language ahead.

This post is going to hearken back to the early days of my blog.  It’s going to be a discussion about a writing topic – namely, foul language in writing.  If this offends you, then you might want to pass on this week’s post.  If not, then read on at your own risk.  And if you have a few minutes afterwards, I’d really like to hear what you might think about it.

The line of thought came about when I read a recent review for Streets of Payne.  It was a Goodreads review, and was written back in July.  But I seldom log on to Goodreads any more, and so I just read it recently.  It was a good review, four stars, but something she said struck me.  During the review, she (the reviewer) mentioned that it made her cringe to see that I went out of my way to avoid “common curses like ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ and effectively replaced them with ‘fudge’ and ‘sludge’.”

I’ve seen and heard discussions wherein authors get upset because reviewers take them to task for dropping too many F-bombs.  On the other hand, I’ve been told by some people that I don’t curse as much as I should (whatever that means).  LOL.  In my normal life, I don’t curse that much.  That’s just the way it is.  It’s just the way I am. I don’t feel the need, for the most part.  In my writing, well, it depends on the character.  I have some characters who are reserved, and some who are real ass holes.

Charlie Griffe, in Chucklers Volume 1 is a prime example.  He’s a conniving, narcissistic, misogynistic, schizoid douche-canoe with a mouth to match.  Cussing fits his character, and when I read the comment about me going out of my way to avoid harsh language, I had to go back and check to see if I had misremembered.  Nope, I hadn’t.  I shit you not… actually, I shit you a lot.  88 times to be precise.  88 shits, 63 damns, and there were 44 fucks given, most of them from good ole Charles Griffe.

But here’s the thing about Streets of Payne… it takes place more than a hundred years in the future.  I don’t recall exactly what year it starts, and I don’t honestly want to go look at my notes.  I think it was about 140 years in the future, though.  And I actually put a lot of thought into how that would affect how the characters speak.  SoP was published in 2013.  So go back about a hundred years to the early 1900s and think about the idioms of the time.  How many of you would know what “hog-eye” refers to?  What about “purr-tongue?  What if I said my “Mr. Horner” was a “roaring jack”?  And believe me when I tell you that at one time back then, if someone said they wanted to go to the “barrelhouse”, and his buddy said he wouldn’t mind going with him to get a “bit of keg”, they were NOT talking about getting a drink.  

If you haven’t already guessed, all of those words and phrases were considered foul language for the time.  They refer to either sexual acts, or descriptions of genitalia.

So with the idea that language changes, I thought that in another hundred to two hundred years, isn’t it likely that the word fuck would change, as well?  So it… slid.  Fuck became “fuggle”.  I thought, you know… you take the phrase “fuck it all”, slur it around a bit, and it could easily begin to sound like “fuggle”.  And what else might be considered foul in a few hundred years?  Maybe some kind of sewer sludge that smells so rank that it makes the eyes water just to think about it?  I mean, if you’ve ever lived in an area where you aren’t on a city sewer system, and you’ve had to have your septic system pumped, you know just how strong such a stench can be.

Like I said, that comment stuck with me for whatever reason.  And I want to re-iterate that the reviewer was actually pretty complimentary to the book.  But the comment presented an opportunity for me to get back to something that I haven’t done much of lately… namely, posting about actual writing topics.

So tell me, how do you feel about “cussing” in books?  For me, it depends on the story and the character.  Each character and story presents their own special circumstances.  If I write a character that is a straight-laced, Sunday-go-to-meeting devout religious type, it’s unlikely that I’ll have him or her dropping F-bombs on the pages of the story.  But when I write Charlie Griffe in the Chucklers series, well, you’d better believe he’s not going to give a damn about who he might offend.  Not unless he needs to keep them happy in order to get something from them.  That’s just the self-centered kind of character he is.

If you have a few minutes, and you feel so inclined, drop me a comment.  Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Stay safe.  TTYL.  :bye:

Nov 292017

Yes, Pangaea: Exiles was released last week.  It was a bit of a surprise, since I had turned in the final edits back in August.  I heard nothing back from them after that for the next few months.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  I know that working with a publisher is much different from publishing indie, and I am far from the only author they have in the stable, so I was okay sitting back and working on other projects in the meantime.

Then, out of the blue I got an email on the 11th.  It was pretty much, “Hey, you okay if we publish this thing next week?”  Obviously that wasn’t the exact wording, but that was the gist of it.

Well, hell yeah, I was okay with it.  

The only problem was that I was on the road when I got the email.  You remember me mentioning that Baby Bird has been accepted into a masters program?  Well, It involves her having to move from San Antonio, TX to Santa Fe, NM.  Yours truly was in Santa Fe with her, helping her find a place to live when she moves.  Needless to say, that made it a bit difficult for me to work on any of the normal release items.

So there was no newsletter, no cover release, no nothing.  Just a post on Facebook… “Hey everyone!  My book is out!”  And since I didn’t get home until a week later, by the time I was in a position to make an announcement, it was pretty much old news.  Still, I suppose I should go ahead and send out an announcement newsletter, since not everyone follows me on Facebook or on this blog.  

On another note, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving (at least, those of you who celebrate the US Thanksgiving).  Ours was low-key, just MBH, myself, and my sister-in-law.  SIL, who knows of our love of buffalo meat, brought us a buffalo tenderloin to cook for our thanksgiving meal (we seldom do the whole turkey and dressing thing).  We cut it into individual serving sizes, put them in a marinade, and into a vacuum container to make sure the marinade got into every ounce.  On the traditional day of gluttony, we pulled the steaks out, put a nice searing rub on them, and tossed them into a scalding hot cast-iron skillet for a few minutes on each side.

That ended up being the absolute best bit of red meat I’ve ever had in my life!   Top it off with MBH’s crab stuffed portobellos, and fresh green beans roasted with bacon and pine nuts, and WOW, that was a fantastic meal.  Definitely something to be thankful for.

And that’s all I’ll bother you with this time around.  I have another topic I was going to talk about, but it’s a more serious discussion… back to the nuts and bolts of the writing world, and not necessarily something that fits with the tone of today’s post.  Besides, it gives me something to write about next time.

So that’s all for now.  Stay safe, and I’ll talk to you all later.  


Nov 012017

Remember back in WW93 when I mentioned that the IT contract job I was working on might end up getting extended?  Well, it did.  They’ve been flying me back and forth between home in Claremore, Oklahoma, and another of their locations in Columbus, Georgia.  The routine is a little rougher now, starting on Monday mornings at 3:30 AM so I can make a 6 AM flight that gets me to Atlanta, where I rent a car and drive an hour and a half to Columbus.  Needless to say, I’m pretty wiped by the end of the day on Monday.  Then on Friday, I work until about 1 PM, drive the hour and a half back to Atlanta, fly back to Oklahoma, where MBH picks me up and takes me home so I can spend the weekend with her.

And if Friday’s flight home is delayed by three hours (like last week), then the day goes on even longer. 

Then Monday morning at 3:30 AM, it starts it all over again.  I don’t mind the work, but those Mondays!  

The up side is that the job is paying (at least for a little while) some of the bills that were beginning to pile up.  The down side is that it impacts the writing. Of course, I already discussed this, too, back in WW93. So nothing new there.  But while the writing has been greatly slowed, it hasn’t completely stopped.

Writing –

Payne and Suffering – The new Amber Payne novel is a bit over 7500 words.  Not huge, but it’s moving.  I picked MBH’s brain a couple of weeks ago regarding some of the threads that were stumping me.  Many writers talk about their “muses”.  I don’t need a muse.  Ideas and inspiration aren’t my problem.  I have trouble with the more mundane minutia (wow, talk about your alliteration).  I tend to let the details of a story keep me from progressing… the old “can’t see the forest for the trees” thing.  I get an idea or a scene, and I lock onto it, trying to work it into the story, and when it doesn’t work, I can’t seem to see my way around it.  When that happens… when I find myself banging my head against the same wall, over and over again, I can usually count of MBH to guide me through a doorway that I simply didn’t see.  This time was no exception, and she once more helped me find a new path through a winding and overly convoluted story line.  Yes, once more, I was making things more complex than they needed to be.  Thank you, wife.  

Pangaea Exiles – Nothing new to report here.  Final edits were turned in to the publisher more than two months ago.  As far as I know, cover was approved, edits were done, but no word on an actual publication date.

Year 12 – The audio version of Y12 is also moving very slowly.  In this case, I know what the hold-up is.  When you find someone who is willing to work on a royalty share basis, slow production times are the trade-off.  After all, the voice actor also has bills to pay, and he or she has to give priority to those jobs that come in that offer an up-front payment.

Crazy Larry – No change on this one.  I hit a brick wall, and haven’t opened the manuscript back up in almost two months.  I think I know what needs to be done with it, but the changes entail a LOT of extra work.  And it had already gone from a project I was enjoying, to something that turned into a frustrating chore.  I began to think of it less as a story, and more of a justification.  So for now, it still sits.

So that’s it for writing news.  How about a random pic?


The Random Pic of the Week for this week is another of the many sunset pictures I find myself taking.  I don’t know why, but we just seem to get some amazing sunrises and sunsets here in Claremore.  The colors… the texture of the clouds… it all makes for some incredible sights.  As much as I loved living in Texas, I find that I love my new life here in Oklahoma even more.  And as beautiful as the sunrises and sunsets are, the star-filled sky on a clear, crisp night is even more breathtaking.  We never had skies like this around Houston.

Okay, that’s enough gushing.  Time to get back to it.  You guys take care, and stay safe.  I’ll talk to you again soon.  :bye:


Oct 112017

This one will be both long and short.  Long in that it’s liable to take up a lot of your screen.  Short in that it’s going to be relatively quick to write.

First of all, some big news on the personal front.  Baby Bird has been accepted into the Master’s program she applied for.  Starting in 2018, she will begin her studies as an Art Therapist.  Both MBH and I, as well as all the rest of her friends and family, are SO proud of her, and wish her all the love, luck, and support in her coming endeavors.

Second, for the “quick to post”, but “long on your screen” writing information.  It’s no secret that I have a habit of asking for volunteers from the audience, so to speak… people who would like me to name a character after them in one of my books.  I just put out another call last week, and as I was compiling the list, it occurred to me that a few of the names were some I had used in previous stories.  Since I like to give priority to new volunteers whenever possible, I needed to prioritize the list.  I dug out the various character spreadsheets that I kept for each of the books, and after I looked over three different spreadsheets I realized there are some names that repeated on more than one of them, which meant that I’d lost track of them for one book and added them to the list for another.


So now I’ve compiled them all into one “master sheet”, and it occurred to me that you folks might enjoy seeing who has been in what story, and who did or didn’t survive.  At some point in the (hopefully near-) future, I hope to eventually move to a page of its own here.  But for now I’ll just post it here.


Two quick notes…

First, if you want me to use your name in one of my books, the best way to make that happen is to comment on this post.  Second best way is to hit me up on my Facebook author page.  I’ll give lowest priority to requests on my personal Facebook page.  The reason for the prioritized system is that I try to keep my personal page personal, and my author page (and obviously this website) professional (for the most part).

So without further ado, here is the list I have so far.  It will change as things progress in my writing.

THE DEAD – (alphabetized by first name)






Angela Montgomery Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Barry Begault Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Brad Moeller Crazy Larry (deceased) “appeared” only as William Brady’s dead cellmate
Catherine Cope Payne and Suffering (deceased) as Kitty Cope
Chris Moody Crazy Larry (deceased)
Chris Tallant Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Chris Van Duyne Crazy Larry (deceased)
Curtis Miller Streets of Payne (deceased) the only person I have killed twice in the same book
Inger Iverson Streets of Payne (deceased)
James Husum Payne and Suffering (deceased) as James Husum
Jeanette McSherry Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Ken Holtzapfel Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Ken Macken Pangaea Exiles (deceased)
Lesslie Lamphere Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Marsha McNeese Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Scott Ward Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)
Suzanne Sargent Chucklers, Volume 1 (deceased)

THE SURVIVORS (so far… but that could change as story lines evolve)





Amber Brackett Streets of Payne AND Payne and Suffering (alive) as Amber Payne
Alex Cope Chucklers, Volume 1 AND Chucklers, Volume 2 (alive as of this writing)
August Grappin Chucklers, Volume 1 AND Chucklers, Volume 2 (turned into a “chuckler” – alive… sort of…) aka “Gus”
Blake Edwards Crazy Larry (alive as of this writing)
Brandy Brackett Year 12 (alive as of this writing) as Walela (“Hummingbird”)
Brooke Kannesha Smith The Road to Rejas AND Year 12 (alive as of this writing) as Kennesha (aka Kenni)
Candace Medeiros Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing)
Chris Van Duyne Chucklers, Volume 1 (turned into a “chuckler” – alive… sort of…) aka Emmet Pismire
Christy Allen Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing)
David Blankenship Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing) aka “Doc”
Denise Lhamon Crazy Larry (alive as of this writing)
Erica Lucke Dean Crazy Larry (alive as of this writing)
Erin Kazmark Chucklers, Volume 1 AND Chucklers, Volume 2 (alive as of this writing) aka Echo Kilo
Iyson Bondy Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing) aka “Ice Man”
Jaime Metcalfe Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing) aka “The Mr. Clean Killer”, aka “The Chemist”
James Husum Streets of Payne AND Payne and Suffering (alive as of this writing) as Seamus Husum
Jason Elliot Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing)
Jordan Dyer Payne and Suffering (alive as of this writing)
Justin Macumber Crazy Larry (alive as of this writing)
Linton Bowers Chucklers, Volume 1 AND Chucklers, Volume 2 (alive as of this writing)
Mathew Birdsall Chucklers, Volume 1 AND Chucklers, Volume 2 (alive as of this writing) as Matt Birdsall
Megan Cope Half Past Midnight (alive as of this writing) as Megan Dawcett
Nell Gavin Chucklers, Volume 1 (turned into a “chuckler” – alive… sort of…)
Nick Fife Crazy Larry (alive as of this writing)
Paula Shamulus Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing)
Paxton Frombaugh Pangaea Exiles (alive as of this writing) aka “Peaceful”, aka Pax, aka Boss
Peggy Bisard Chucklers, Volume 1 AND Chucklers, Volume 2 (alive as of this writing) aka Papa Bravo
Ranya Shingledecker Mosher Streets of Payne (alive as of this writing) as “Rayna”
Rita Post Chucklers, Volume 1 AND Chucklers, Volume 2 (alive as of this writing) aka Romeo Papa
Robin Scott Year 12 (alive as of this writing)
Scott Pond Payne and Suffering (alive as of this writing)
Shiri Sondheimer (turned into a “chuckler” – alive… sort of…) as Dr. Shiri Sondheimer
Zachary Brackett Half Past Midnight AND Year 12 (alive as of this writing) as Zachary Dawcett






Tabatha Haddix Chucklers, Volume 1 status unknown – last seen alive in dire circumstances aka Tabby


VOLUNTEERS YET TO APPEAR (those of you who have been foolish enough to tell me you wish to have a character named after you – don’t worry, I’ll get to you… and it might not be pretty when I do. )

  • Morgan McNeil Powell
  • Karen Allen
  • William Antram
  • Lori Kidd
  • Billy Caperton
  • Patty Huber-Beth
  • Colleen Thompson
  • Tracy Pierce Malloy
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Sep 272017

Yes, once again it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted.  Sorry, but adjusting back to a regular day job has been trickier than I anticipated.  The problem isn’t the job.  Its my lack of focus.  It seems that Wednesday keeps sneaking up on me and is past before I realize I was supposed to write my blog post.

This time I decided to try working on the post Tuesday night, while I was thinking about it, before I let another week slide past me yet again.  It might not be a long post, but at least I’ll get something out there.  It’s almost a symbolic thing, or an exercise in self-discipline, but each time I miss a Website Wednesday, I feel like I’ve dropped the ball.

So I’ll write it now, and schedule it to publish Wednesday morning.  Ain’t I the clever one?  Okay, not so much.  Anyway, here’s a quick synopsis of recent events in the world of Jeff Brackett:

Work – As I said in the last post, I’m back in the saddle with the old IT career.  In fact, they’re talking about possibly extending my contract with enough work to keep me busy for a few months.  Yes, it’s going to slow the writing.  But it’s also going to help pay some bills.  And in the long run, the longer I can pay the bills, the better my chances of keeping the writing going.  So if I have to slow it down short-term, in order to keep going long-term, I’ll happily do so.

Writing Payne and Suffering is moving, slowly but surely.  The story is now pushing to be let out.  And while the timing isn’t perfect, what with the new job slowing things down a bit, it nevertheless feels pretty freaking awesome to have Amber Payne and Richard Kayani rumbling around in my head.  And what’s this?  They’ve brought company… new characters!  Are the new guys good?  Are they bad?  Who knows?  I sure don’t.  

Personal – We’re trying to get a little culture in the Brackett household.  Last weekend we got the opportunity to go to the ballet.  Yes, I know.  The idea of me and culture sharing room in the same sentence is a little shocking.  Want to know what’s even more shocking?  The fact that I actually enjoyed it.   I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more such outings in the future.

Also on the personal front, the weather has been pretty awesome lately, and we’ve tried to take advantage of it.  Weekend before last, we went to the Rogers County Fair.  The highlight of the outing for us was the dog show.  Here’s a tiny glimpse of the fun.  I would have posted a longer piece, but there seems to be a size limit on the files I upload, and all my other clips exceed the limit.  Sorry.  

Then last weekend we got out to the lake to enjoy it for a short while.  Of course the first cool front of fall is moving through as I write this, so we’ll see how the weather holds up over the next week or so.

And since I’m writing this on my laptop, as my battery tells me that it’s about to die on me, I think that’s going to be all for now.  So as always, I wish you well, stay safe, and I’ll try to post again next week.  Talk to you later.   :bye: