Apr 132011

My “brother from another mother”, James Husum, sent me a link yesterday that prompted a “DOH!” moment, the likes of which I haven’t had in quite some time.  And believe me, I’ve had some real moments, let me tell you.  :)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge proponent of podcasting, especially for writers.  It provides a fantastic opportunity for people to get their name out to, and interact with a public that would otherwise be oblivious to the talent of some great writers.  Probably the best known example of this is Scott Sigler, who went from a talented no-name wannabe author to a New York Times bestselling author in a matter of a few years.  How’d he do it?  In a word – podcasting.  Scott put out a series of incredibly entertaining “podiobooks” for free and built up a following that was simply too large for the publishing houses to ignore.  Now, he’s finding the traditional publishing route to be too limiting, and has founded his own small press imprint, “Dark verlord Media” aimed at producing books for established online personalities.  Talk about giving back to your roots.

So what does this have to do with the link that Mr. Husum sent me?  Well, it seems that Mur Lafferty, another well-known author and podcaster, has found another way to break into writing.  You see, Mur didn’t have the same level of success that Scott did.  While her free podiobook “Heaven” series is still an amazingly popular download, she was unable to convince a publishing house to fund putting them into print.  None of them seemed to think that she could convert her numbers from “free download listener” to “paying book purchaser”.

So in what I consider to be a phenomenal example of “screw you”, Mur decided to take her project to Amazon’s Kickstarter site.  Kickstarter is a direct patronage site where people can post their ideas and request funding for same in exchange for various levels of compensation.  Sort of like a poor man’s version of “Shark Tank“.  Mur decided that she would request funding so she could at least publish the series as an e-book and a limited POD run.  This was evidently not designed to be a huge project, just something so she could afford some cover art, and a starting fund for the formatting and publishing of the e-book.  She wanted $2000.

The month-long Kickstarter project launched on March 12 and ran until April 12.  I suppose she thought a month would be enough time to scrape together enough support to garner her $2k goal.  Her posted comments showed that she launched at 8:51AM on March 12.  At 9:55AM her top-tier reward slot was purchased at $999.  At 10:15, the $2k goal was reached.  By midnight of the first day, she had gotten $5000.

Are you sitting down?  When the project closed on April 12, Mur Lafferty (aka “Mighty Mur”) had received $19,370.00 in funding for her project!  $19,370.00!!

Now this is an extreme case of an overly successful project, and is the exception rather than the norm.  But holy crap!!  $19,370.00!   8O

So of course the gears are turning.  I now have a new bullet point in “The Plan“.  After I get a good start at podcasting my novel (Half Past Midnight), I think I may look at setting it up as a Kickstart project.  After all, if I manage to gain a following through the podcast, then maybe I can get some patronage for funding it for publication via someplace like Telemachus Press.  I know this – if I don’t ask, I definitely won’t get it.

  2 Responses to “Podcasting once again leads the way for writers”

  1. Glad I could be of help. Making connections between people and ideas is what I live for. :-)

  2. Thanks for the retelling of my story! And yeah, it was a bit of a “screw you” – and a TON of work, but so very, very worth it. (Successful campaigns make for fulfillment that can overwhelm you.)

    Good luck on your campaign!

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