Nov 112011

I have a section in my upcoming novel Half Past Midnight.  It reads:

One thing I had noticed about Mark, he didn’t talk unnecessarily. I got the impression that something had happened to him on the road to Rejas, but I hadn’t asked, and he hadn’t offered. Everyone had a pre-D story. Most of them dealt with the deaths of friends and loved ones.

That inspired me to create the HPM companion novella, The Road to Rejas.  It is going to be the story of Mark Roesch, a minor character in HPM, and what all happened to him on D-day, and in the days immediately following it that led him to join the unskilled labor pool in Rejas.  Initially, I thought this was just going to be a short story of approximately ten thousand words or so.  However, the more I wrote, the more the characters seemed to have to say, and I surpassed the twelve thousand word mark with a lot of story yet to tell.  However, I seemed to reach a point at which the story has gone quiet.  It has become a struggle to get the words out for the last week or so.

I can blame it on the fact that I’ve been stressing over cover art for HPM (a silly thing anyway), or the fact that work is crazy, or that I was sick last week.  Or maybe it’s sunspots – yeah, that’s it!  Sunspots. 

Whatever the reason, R2R seems to have dried up.  So rather than waste any more time trying to force a story that doesn’t want to cooperate, I’ve decided to shelve it for now and get back to work on the Streets of Payne series.  The Road to Rejas is going to the back burner, and I’ll be breaking out yet another progress meter – this one for SoP.  I’m estimating about eighty thousand words per novel, and I currently have about ten thousand done.

So while I get back to work on SoP, I’ll also be working with the publishing team at Telemachus Press on HPM.  I hope to have it out and available soon.  I have also started back on recording the podcast version for release on, and hope to have the first episodes available shortly after the new year.  And while all of that goes on, I’m keeping my finger crossed that inspiration will return for R2R, because I would really like to be able to publish that little piece within a few months after HPM.

So there’s the plan, such as it is.  Always busy, but not necessarily always on the same projects.  I guess that’s a key point.  Just because one project gets shelved doesn’t mean I can’t be productive, right?  8-)

Keep writing, and keep safe.  :yes:

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