Dec 022014
Time to reboot

Time to reboot

Yeah, I’m back.   :)  Not that I ever really went away.  It’s just that, as I mentioned in my last few posts (wow – all the way back in June), Life with a capital “L” was poking us all with sharp, pointy objects and I’ve been more than a little distracted.

At the time of my posting, I wasn’t really ready to discuss some of the things that were going on.  But now that most of the crises are past, I can talk a bit about them.  As I’ve mentioned before, my wife and I sold our home back in May.  The intention initially was that we would move a little farther out of town, downsize the house, and upsize the property.  We were going to stay with my sister & my brother-in-law while we looked for our new digs.  Almost immediately after we moved in with them though, my sister fell very ill with acute pancreatitis. It was pretty bad, and I guess I had never really realized just how dangerous pancreatitis could be.  She had it pretty rough, spent a few months in the hospital, and we feared at one point that we might lose her.  But she’s tougher than that, and she’s now almost completely recovered.

At the same time, my parents have been going through their own struggles.  My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago, and he’s been fighting that particular demon for a while.  Over the last few months, he’s had some pretty serious setbacks with the cancer spreading, and it has taken its toll, both physically and emotionally, on both him and my mom.  Last week, things got particularly tough, and Dad was in the hospital for the Thanksgiving holidays.  It was touch and go for a bit, but as of today, he is back home.  Any prayers or positive vibes you see fit to send his way are appreciated.  They live in Oklahoma, and my wife has been up there helping out for several months, while I’ve stayed here in the Houston area with my job.

And that brings me to the latest — the job.  I turned in my notice at work a couple of weeks ago.   :-/  Yeah, when Dad got bad this last time, it drove home the fact that family trumps everything.  And in retrospect, it almost seemed that everything my wife & I have done over the last couple of years has indirectly prepared us for this move.   My wife left her job last year.  This was what gave her time to work on the old house and prepare it for a good sale.  Because of all the work she put into the house, we were able to sell the house for more than we initially thought we would be able to get.  Once we sold the house, she was also free to go help my parents in Oklahoma while I stayed down here in Houston.  And as crass as some may think it is to discuss, the sale of the house also gave us a nice nest egg so that we didn’t have to worry so much about money.  It’s still a concern, but we don’t have to panic for a while.

So yes, my better half and I discussed things and decided that it made more sense for me to leave my job & move up there.  Friday, December 5th will be my last day at a job I’ve held for more than fifteen years.  I’ll really miss some of the friends I’ve made there, but life goes on.  And I’m not getting any younger.   8-)

So here’s to our new start.  Life 2.0

Wish us luck as we hit the reset button.


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  1. While I hate that you all have had such tough struggles to deal with, I am excited for you having the chance to reboot. I hope it goes spectacularly well, and maybe things can calm down for a while. Good luck!

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