May 292013

Writing Streets of Payne is in the home stretch.  It is off to Red Adept Publishing Services for acceptance of my editing changes (in which case it goes on to the proofreader), or they send it back with another round of suggested changes.  Once the editing is complete, the manuscript goes to Streetlight Graphics (where the cover art is already being done) for formatting, after which it will be ready for publishing.  It’s close, close, close! 8-)

STIDPersonal   STID – Trekkies know what I mean immediately.  Or is it Trekkers?  ?:-) Sorry, I was once corrected and lectured on the difference between a Trekker and a Trekkie but I honestly don’t recall what it was.  At any rate, my better half and I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness.  What’s more, we saw it on a full-sized Imax screen, and in 3D.  Best of all, we saw it with some friends I hadn’t seen in a year or more.  It was actually a little nostalgic for me, and not just because I got to rekindle the old friendships.

You see, in 1983 I was invited to go see a movie with a group of “old” high school friends.  I was twenty-two years old at the time, and the movie was Return of the Jedi.  At twenty-two, I was relatively independent, had an apartment, my own car (and it usually started when I needed it to), and was still at the point in my life where I had relatively few responsibilities.  The latest Star Wars movie was right up my alley.  Unfortunately, one of our group wasn’t quite as care-free as I was at that time.  I got a call from a mutual friend that a girl I had gone to school with, but hadn’t seen in several years, had car trouble and didn’t think she was going to be able to make it.  He told me that she had been having a particularly rough time in life (don’t ask – it’s not my story to tell) and she needed a ride.  I went to get her, and our friendship picked up like we’d never been separated.  Three years later, I tricked that same girl into marrying me.  :)

So this group date last week to see a new sci-fi movie was a reminder for me of how my relationship with my wonderful wife got started.  And no, the friends this time weren’t old high school friends.  Thirty years is a long time to maintain friendships, and there is only one of that original group (besides my wife) that I am still in touch with.  Such is life.  But they were good friends, and it was a reminder that every once in a while, it’s good to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak.

10k-02And speaking of slowing down and smelling the roses, we went to visit my parents over Memorial Day weekend.  It was such a great time.  We got to kick back, relax, and let the dogs run in the field (my wife calls it “Doggie Heaven”).  There really isn’t a whole lot to say about how nice it is up there, so I’ll just leave you with this…

Click on the image to see it closer.  AAMOF, if you click on the image a few times, I believe it will REALLY zoom in for you.

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope you all had as good a holiday weekend as we did.  Until next time, stay safe.  :bye:

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  1. And I was just thinking yesterday, “That Brackett guy hasn’t put up any new blog entries recently.”

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