Oct 052013

Bella and Cricket

You know how when you buy a pack of eggs, no matter how carefully you check, it seems there’s always one of them that gets cracked on the way home? Well, we typically use them as special treats for Bella and Cricket.  Yep, any eggs that we find broken, we scramble up and cook for our furry, four-legged children. This morning, my better half wanted to try something different. She handed me the egg, pointed to a saucepan full of water she had set to boil, and challenged me to poach the egg for the kids.

Quick confession time – my wife and I are foodie fans. We like to watch cooking competitions like Top Chef, and Master Chef on television and pretend we have a clue as to what the competitors are doing.  Well, I pretend.  My wife is actually an excellent cook, as my girth will attest.

Anyway, she already had the water boiling, and was determined that I should poach the egg.  “We should learn how to poach eggs,” she told me. Now, I had watched it done on television before, and it didn’t look like it would be too difficult, but I was curious as to why I should poach an egg, especially for the dogs?  To be perfectly honest, the very idea of poaching an egg has always seemed a bit strange to me.  I mean, it’s basically just boiling an egg without it being in the shell, right?  Wouldn’t it be easier to simply drop the egg, shell and all, into the water?  Okay, not in this case, since this egg had a cracked shell, but the way she said it made me curious.  “We should learn how to poach eggs.

PoachedEggCooking“Um, just why exactly do we need to know how to poach eggs?”

My beautiful wife of nearly twenty-eight years seemed to stammer for a moment. “Well, they’re supposed to be good for you.”

“Better than a regularly cooked egg?”

“Yes, there’s no butter, or oil, or anything like that in them.”

“Better than a boiled egg?”

She stopped for a second, then grinned and shrugged her shoulders. “Old people seem to like poached eggs.  We’re old.  Poach the egg.”

I love my wife, but she didn’t fool me for a moment.  She just wanted to see if I could manage to poach it without making a mess of things.

Well, I managed — barely.  And clumsily.  And not without help. But I did manage to poach the egg.

For the dogs. (sigh)  ?:-)

I guess that sometimes it’s all about the challenges in life.  LOL.


On the writing front: 

IMPs – The plot of the story is moving ahead.  However, I seem to be having trouble with the character’s voice.  Neil started out with a much more formal narrative style, but has suddenly morphed into a much more relaxed and informal person.  I’m not really sure what this means, but I’m afraid it can only lead to re-writes.  (sigh)  I just have to let go of wanting it to be perfect at first.  To paraphrase some of the valuable lessons I learned on The Dead Robots’ Society podcastIt’s okay to suck.  The story really gets written during the edits.

Chucklers – Ed Lorn is buried in his many other projects, and since he is considerably more prolific than I am, has asked that I move forward on this project without him, with the understanding that he will catch up (and I’m confident that it will be pretty effortless on his part) at a later date.  That means no more excuses on my part.  :(

Y12 – The sequel to Half Past Midnight is really banging around in my head lately, so it looks like I’ll be opening a new folder.  I’m excited that I’m going to finally get started on that project, but concerned that I’m spreading my writing time so thin on each project.  I don’t want to spend so little time on each project that I don’t make nay real progress on any of them.  I guess I’m going to have to find some way to get more disciplined with my writing.

All right, that’s enough for now.  Time for me to start some of that discipline and get back to writing on these stories.

Stay safe everyone.  :bye:



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