Jun 262013

Streets of Payne 800 Cover reveal and PromotionalHere it is!  After quite a bit of back and forth on the cover, here is the final design for the Streets of Payne cover.  Glendon Haddix over at Streetlight Graphics has done an amazing job (and you have no idea how much of a pain I must have been to work with on this one).  After my fiasco with another cover artist earlier this year, I kept trying to hammer through a concept that just wasn’t working.  Can you say square peg in a round hole?  8-)   Glendon did exactly what I asked, but the problem wasn’t in his work.  It was in trying to work with a concept that was simply flawed from the beginning.  When he very diplomatically managed to get me to see that, we tossed a few ideas around, he made a few suggestions, and what you see here is the result.

So now all that is left to do is the final manuscript formatting for publication.  If things stay on schedule, the book will be available on Kindle by the end of the month, with print, Nook, Kobo, etc. following soon after.  Print will take longer because I will have to print review copies, have them shipped, approve them, then pull the trigger on publication.  And Nook, Kobo, and whatever other venues present themselves will take longer simply because I’ve never published on them directly.  In the past, I just used Smashwords as a distribution point, but I found out the hard way that going that route simply dilutes the revenue stream, and delays payments.  Besides, if I’m going to treat writing as a business, I need to learn as much about it as I can. Right?  :)

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