Oct 162011

Well, with Half Past Midnight currently out of my control, I’ve been trying to learn about how to promote my book when it is published.  After all, it won’t do me any good to have a book published if no one knows it’s out there, will it?  Unfortunately, until I at least have a cover, I can’t do anything more than study the process and prepare (as much as I can) to hit the ground running once it’s released.

Yeah, I appear to have made a strategic mistake in not already having my cover art done at this stage of the game, because so many promotion and advertising avenues are closed to me until I have it.  For instance, I need to print business cards.  Can’t do it without a cover.  The recording I’m doing for the audio version of the book?  I can’t begin posting any episodes without a cover.  I’ve set up a Goodreads Author page, but I can’t complete that either – without a cover for my book.  Everything I am aware of that I can do to promote HPM is going to require a visual for the book.  In other words, a cover.

So, note to self – when I start the editing phase on Streets of Payne series, I need to make sure the covers get done as soon as the editing is underway.  If I wait until after editing, then I’m going to get myself in the same predicament.

And if anyone is actually out there reading this, learn from my mistake.  That’s why I’m writing this–so hopefully I can save some of you from falling into the same traps I’ve stumbled into.

Forgive me if this post seems to be a bit of a bummer, it’s just a little depressing to have come this far only to be stalled by something that I now know I should have done months ago.  At this point, my plans for having HPM selling during the holidays may be little more than a pipe dream.  I may have it available for sale, but that doesn’t mean it will be selling.  Not unless I can get the word out about it.

Ah well, enough wallowing for me. You all take care.  Keep safe, keep reading, and keep writing.

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