Aug 052012
Cricket & Bella take over the laptop

Cricket & Bella take over the laptop

all right.  me and bella are getting … hang on… (bella – hit the shift key when i tell you… no, we cant type caps unless yoU HIT THE … NO. NOT THE CAPSLOCK. I JUST NEEd you to… okay, thats better).  Like I said (there you go, Bella – MUCH BET… NO – LET OFF THe key… okay – now only press it when I tell you, and let off as soon as i… as soon as I tell you! – Damn, I wish I had opposable thumbs….)

All right, starting again…  Me and Bella are getting pretty freaking tired of Alpha sitting in front of his computer all the time.  He and Beta are supposed to pay attention to us!  It’s like they think that just because we can’t talk, that must also mean we’re just dumb animals or something… well, you know what I mean.  So we figured we’d see what all the fuss is about.  Don’t worry, they won’t catch us.  They’re upstairs working on the bathroom. Newly decorated guest bathroom

Oh yeah! What’s up with that?  Humans are so strange!  They take a place that smells perfectly fine, and take out all the stuff that smells like home.  Then they put in a bunch of stuff that smells… different.  Don’t they realize how long it’s going to take us to make all these new rooms smell right?  Especially since they get mad any time the catch us marking the place for them.  Crazy humans…

We heard them even mention that they’re going to take out the fuzzy not-grass on the floor.  They call it a car pet, or something like that – which makes no sense at all, since it never goes in the car, and we’re supposed to be the only pets in the house.  Anyway, they’re going to take it out and put in a new car pet.  that’s… (Bella! Pay attention…) That’s going to totally ruin the smell of the place!


It’s enough to make me howl!  I can’t stand another minute…. (sniff, sniff) YES BELLA I SMELL IT, TOO… HEY, YOU’RE STANDING ON THE SHIFT KEY, GET Off of it… oh, hey, wait a minute… im not finished here… what do you mean she dropped some on the floor…

um… thats it for now.  get back to you another time.  dinners on the floor…