Jun 172012

There’s a man who taught me about integrity and hard work.  He taught me that as corny as it may sound, a man really is only as good as his word – that all the legal documents in the world mean nothing if you still don’t trust the person you’re dealing with.

He married the love of his life when she was seventeen.  He was only two years older, and plenty of people didn’t think they would make it.  That was fifty-two years ago, and they are still happily married.  When my wife consented to marry me, it was in part because of them.  I remember her telling me she figured we would do all right if we were half as happy as they were.  So I suppose I owe a certain amount of my happiness with my wife to him, as well.  We’ve only been married twenty-six years now, but with such an example, how can we think we’ll do less?

Throughout my life, he’s taught me about independence, responsibility, loyalty, honor, and integrity.  And most of all, he taught me to be honest in my dealings with everyone – including myself.  He gave me the self confidence to be comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you, Dad.  I love you.

Happy Father’s Day.