Oct 202013

thermalimage2IMP – Well, it isn’t great, but it’s progress.  Just under 2000 words on the IMP story (working title is “Ghost Story” – real imaginative, isn’t it?)  The good news is that I think I’m past most of the framing, and am getting into the meat of the story now.  Hopefully that means it will go much easier now. I don’t know why this one has been such a problem, but let’s hope the problem is past, and the progress is faster.  ;)

SoP – In the meantime, October marked the end of my Kindle Select period, and I have now made Streets of Payne available for Nook.  I hope to have it up on Smashwords next week as well, and I plan to look into making it available for Apple and Kobo soon.  My next step is to work on some marketing for it.  I’ve got to do something, because as much as I like the book and the characters, I haven’t sold a single copy this month.  If I can’t turn that around, I’ll have to assume either there’s no market for this particular type of book, or I’ve done something terribly wrong with it.

That’s it for tonight – short and sweet.  But I’ll be back in two days with an interview of new author, Stephen Kozeniewski.  If you’re interested in a new take on the zombie genre, check him out.  After all, how often do you find a pulp style detective… who happens to be a zombie?

All right.  Good night everyone.  Stay safe.  :bye:

Oct 092013

FB bg-01If you’re reading this on my blog, and you look over to the right hand side at the IMP Project progress bar, you may notice that the meter just dropped from 2500 words to 275 words.  I hated to do it, but the original story I was writing just wasn’t working.  The story is supposed to be part of an upcoming horror anthology, and the more I wrote, the more it became obvious that the story I was telling wasn’t horror.  It was a speculative fiction tale that was interesting enough, but it just wouldn’t have fit well with the theme of the anthology.  So last night I had to make the difficult decision to junk it and start over.

On the up side, I had an even better idea, that will definitely fit in the horror theme… assuming I have the chops to pull it off.  To be perfectly honest, I’m a little intimidated by the company I’ll be keeping on the project.  This anthology is going to be a combination of horror amateurs (like yours truly), and some pretty well established horror aficionados — people like Paul E. Cooley, Justin Macumber, and Edward Lorn.  And if I’m going to ride on the same boat as the big kids, I need to make sure I can pull the oars right alongside them.  With that in mind, the first IMP story just didn’t cut it.

So now I have an idea for what promises to be a good horror story, but I get to start over with the plot… and the research… and the characterizations… and…everything.  And of course, there’s even less time to get it done now.

Yay!!  More pressure.  :idk: