May 022011

After some discussion with my wife, we have decided that the cost of hiring a freelance editor is a worthwhile investment in my (fingers crossed) writing career. So I have spent considerable time looking for a freelancer that would fit the bill for me.  Ironically enough, it’s beginning to look like I’ll end up going with the very first person I investigated (assuming she has time to work with me).

So far, I’ve looked into five different editors.  First was Lynn O’Dell, of Red Adept Reviews.  She comes highly recommended by one of the hosts of The Dead Robots’ Society (Terry Mixon), and on  I checked the Red Adept Review site, and found several author recommendations (which you would expect, I suppose) and used them to check on to see what kind of response they had.  All that I checked had four or five-star reviews, but only one author had enough reviewers (“Portal” by Imogen Rose had 151 reviews with a 4.5 star overall rating) to really catch my attention.  So I bought it and am reading through it to see how the editing is.

Of the other editors I investigated, two had websites that actually had either spelling or grammar errors on them (not exactly good advertisement for an editor, right?), one had stopped freelancing and was now working for a small press (Etopia Press) and so now has to take work on spec with the press, and one simply didn’t offer much other than a one time edit of your manuscript.  Anything beyond that costs extra.

Lynn O’Dell offers an initial edit, sends you back her comments, and once you incorporate (or try to incorporate) those changes into the manuscript, she will then go over it again, AND will have one of her proofreaders go over it as well, for another editing pass, sending you both her comments, and those of her proofreader.  She’s a little more expensive than the others I looked at, but offers considerably more for the price.

I’m still researching, but so far, Lynn is the only one to whom I have submitted my novel.