Jul 302012

Well, I guess I’ll start this entry with some observations about the renovations around the ol’ homestead.  My wife is really going to town on fixing the place up.  Not that it was in bad shape, by any means.  But there were some things that really did need to be done (especially the carpet), and I really have to admit, I could use some new office furniture.  But there’s no use buying the furniture to put into a room where the carpet is going to be replaced, until after the carpet is done, right?  And painting!  In another room where we’re replacing the carpet, we decided that it needed to be painted.  And painting should really be done before the carpet gets in.

So you see, there’s a sort of cascade effect that has to be considered.  For renovations like we’re doing, everything really has to be done in the correct order, if at all possible.  And my better half (who has always been incredibly organized) has shown a huge talent for planning this revamping, as well as for interior decorating.  She’s doing the majority of the planning, painting, decorating, etc., while I play the bull in the china cabinet, simply trying not to screw up more than I help.  :)

But here are some pictures of her handiwork.  In my opinion, she really has a knack for it.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the writing front, last week was a bit of a good news / bad news situation.

On the bad news side –

1.  I thought I had found a great cover artist to do my cover for Streets of Payne.  I contacted her, we exchanged several emails, I described what I had in mind, she agreed to the project, and I sent her payment.  And sadly, that’s the last I’ve heard from her.  I’ve tried emails, and posting on her FB wall, but she seems to have vanished.  So, I’ve learned a lesson here.  Never hire an artist that you have to pay in advance via Western Union.  And it’s a real shame, because her portfolio is really outstanding.

2.  Road to Rejas is just about ready for formatting, though not necessarily for publication.  I still need to decide what I’m going to do for a cover.  I had one commissioned, but the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced I need to try something else.  And until I have a cover I’m comfortable with, I can’t really format it for publication.  So R2R is very close, yet still so far from publication.  I need to figure this one out pretty quickly, as I really want the story out asap.

So that’s the bad news.  On the good news side –

I received a phone call from Lynn McNamee (founder and owner of Red Adept Publishing) earlier in the week, letting me know that R2R has been voted in as a Red Adept Select!  This one was really out of the blue, since I hadn’t even known that novellas were eligible for RAS.  What was even better was when she told me that she hasn’t yet read it.  Don’t get me wrong, I do want her to read it.  And of course I hope she really likes it.  But the fact that her other editors and proofreaders voted it in as RAS brings a certain validation with it.  It tells me that there were other eyes on the work, and they deemed it worthy.

Lynn was an incredible editor for me with Half Past Midnight, and has gone on to become a really good friend.  But she’s running a business now, and is much busier these days than she was this time last year.  When I submitted R2R for editing, she explained how busy she was, and asked if it was all right if she passed it on to one of her other editors.  She said it would get done much faster that way, so I went for it.  So Lynn introduced me to Stefanie Spangler Buswell, one of RAP’s new editors.  Stefanie took me under her wing and has been helping me polish the story to make it halfway presentable for you folks. (Thanks, Stefanie!)  Thank goodness for quality editors!

And finally, HPM reached a personal milestone last week.  Without going into gauche detail, HPM has earned in six months, what I had hoped to earn in a year.  Granted, my goals weren’t all that lofty, and I’m not about to quit the day job in favor of a lucrative writing career.  But the modest success of my first book gives me hope that I might be able to become a full-time writer in not too many years.

So thanks to any and all of you who have purchased my debut novel.  I hope to send many more your way.

Stay safe!  :bye: