May 062012

Cover for "Explorers: Beyond the Horizon"

The writing is still moving, albeit slower than I would like.  Current project progress is as follows:

Road to Rejas has been languishing, waiting on some distance so I can go through it for another round of edits.  I think I’ve just about had enough time to go through with fresh eyes, so I’ll hopefully be able to get it to the editor soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on Streets of Payne again.  I’m beginning to rethink some of the storyline, but I’m determined to not let that stop me from the writing, itself.

The Burning Land is the short story I wrote for The Dead Robots’ Society anthology. The name of that anthology is entitled Explorers: Beyond the Horizon, and it is currently scheduled to publish in early June.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve driven the editors of the anthology nuts with the galleys.  It seems that each time they sent me a galley to go over, I kept finding something new.  We went back and forth five different times, and I finally submitted the last proof last week.  I hope you’ll pick up a copy when it comes out.

I’m finding that trying to make it as a writer is as draining as it is thrilling.  It’s not so much the writing itself, but trying to fit the writing into the rest of my life that is the problem, and I know I’m not the only writer that has to deal with this.  That’s why it’s so much fun to witness the success of a fellow writer.  It shows me that there is hope that I may one day be able to spend all my time doing what I really want to do.


Dastardly Bastard cover

And that’s why I’m so happy to make the following announcement.  On Tuesday, May 15th, I will be hosting the first stop on Edward Lorn’s blog tour to promote his new release, Dastardly Bastard.  I know I normally post on the blog over the weekends, but I had an opportunity to help out an up and coming writer whom I greatly admire, and truly believe is on his way to big things in the writing community.  If you like Stephen King style horror, please look up Ed Lorn’s books.

So check back here on the 15th for my interview with him.  There will be a bit of insight into what makes such a twisted person tick, as well as information on a raffle to help promote his book. :)

If there are any specific questions you would like Ed to answer, leave me a comment and I’ll pass them on to him.  In the meantime, be safe.  :bye:


NOTE:   Thanks to Michelle, who pointed out that I had misspelled Mr. King’s first name.  I have now corrected this.   :)