Feb 242012

I just received word this morning that The Dead Robots’ Society has officially released the list of contributors to their “Explorers: Beyond the Horizon” anthology.  Furthermore, they have released said contributors to publicly announce their involvement in the project.

So guess what?  You know that “other project” I haven’t been able to talk about?  Yep!  Little old me is in the anthology.  (Okay, maybe not so little – but I am feeling pretty old these days….)  

But hey – I’m in an anthology!!

The official release is quoted below with permission:




Coming soon…

The Dead Robots’ Society Podcast is proud to present EXPLORERS: BEYOND THE HORIZON, a short story anthology featuring characters forever changed by their discovery of lands and worlds beyond their own. Whether it’s by charting new stars, trekking across fantastical realms, sailing new oceans, or traversing the wild and unknown spaces between dimensions, readers will find the unimaginable in the pages of EXPLORERS. Authors contributing work to the anthology are:

J. Daniel Sawyer
Jeff Brackett
Lauren M. Roy
Colum Paget
Vincent Morgan
Ira Nayman
Jocelyn Adams
Court Ellyn
Jesse J. Summerson
Andrew Hawnt
Mark Mellon
Laura Givens
James Ebersole
Kurt H. Hyatt
Daniel Latham

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