Aug 172011

Just a short post tonight.  I’ve been working on the rewrites on Half Past Midnight for some time now.  No matter how many times I thought I would finish “any day now”, it always seemed to take longer than I anticipated. Well, as of this evening, this round of edits is complete!


I sent my revisions back to Lynn, and she will be going over them in the next week or so.  If I understand the process, what happens next depends on what she finds during her examination.  I believe the possible options are:

1. She reads it, finds something that I flubbed, and sends it back to me for more revision.


2. She reads it, finds it at least close to acceptable, and passes it on to her primary proofreader.

Then they make notes and send it back to me.  I go over their notes, accept or reject any remaining suggestions, and either go with another optional round of proofreading, or move on to the formatting stage of the process.

In the meantime, I have also contacted a graphic artist to begin exploring the costs of getting the cover done.  I have something very specific in mind for the cover, and will need someone with decent PhotoShop skills to do it.  My dad actually gave me the idea, and I’m pretty excited about it.  It is both simple, and iconic in design, and I need to get a few quotes and sample from some artists.  Once done, I anticipate that it will be a pretty unique cover that will be easily recognized.  It also presents an opportunity for me to develop a visual “style” for my covers.

So in looking at my “checklist” , here’s what I have –

  • First draft of the manuscript – Done.
  • First editing round of manuscript – Done
  • Cover for novel – In discovery phase
  • Formatting for publication – vendor chosen, waiting on cover art
  • Recording of novel for podcasting – process worked out, promo recorded, first episode recorded (but will likely redo, now that process has been refined and manuscript is through initial edits).

(Sigh)   Yeah, I still have a way to go.  But every day is a little more progress.  And as long as I keep moving forward, it is sure to eventually be completed.

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