Jun 032011

Things are finally starting to move.  I got into work this morning and was greeted by a couple of emails indicating that my domain is in the process of being transferred.  More accurately, they indicated that they were unable to transfer my domain due to my having purchased WordPress.com’s privacy option.  The logical result of this is that DBP was unable to confirm the administrative email address to authorize the transfer.  (What do you know, the privacy option works!  :) )  This was easily remedied, however, and I was able to quickly reinitiate the transfer request.

Now I’m staring at my screen, waiting on the email notification with my transaction ID and security code that will allow me to finalize the domain transfer and then (hopefully) import the content from my existing WordPress.com blog, to my new WordPress based web site.  I suppose this means that this site may go offline for a while during the transfer process, but hopefully the process will be quick and relatively painless.

In the meantime, I received word that episode one of my podcast version of Half Past Midnight has passed Podiobooks.com’s tech spec review.  Yep, after a couple of rookie screwups on my part, I finally got it right!  :lol:  They sent me an acceptance email and some in-depth instructions on the rest of the process, and now the real work begins. If my calculations are correct, I think I’ll have nineteen or twenty episodes. With a weekly production schedule, that means I should have approximately five months of episodes.  And if I want them out before the end of the year, I have to get at least five of them completed by the end of June, since Podiobooks.com won’t even put you on the schedule for publication until you get at least the first five episodes uploaded.

On top of that, my editor (it still sounds cool to be able to say that) called two days ago, and asked if I objected to being moved up on the schedule.  I was curious as to why anyone would object to this, and she explained that some people have budgeted the cost into a strict timeframe.  That makes sense.  For me though, I had budgeted the money in and set it aside almost immediately, so this was simply a great opportunity for me.  She invoiced me, I paid.  Viola!  So she began working on the print version of the novel yesterday.

That, of course, means I will also need to be available to work with her as much as possible throughout the course of this wild ride.  Add to that the fact that my better half and I are going to be working on getting my youngest ready for and settled into her upcoming life at college, and my “real” job, and I think I’m going to be pretty freaking busy for the next several months.

So here’s me – learning about busy,scary, exciting times.

Hope I survive it.

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