Sep 162013

As promised, I’m going to try taking a different tack here (tack? tact? hmmmm…. ?:-) ).  Whatever.  I’m going to try the short and sweet approach.  Maybe that will get me back into the habit of blogging, and keep me from worrying so much about whether or not what I write is worth anyone’s time.  :)

So I mentioned that I had a special event in the works.  Turns out that I got my answer sooner than anticipated, and the answer was yes!  Now, since you don’t know what the question was, you probably aren’t too excited at the moment, right?  Well, on October 22, yours truly will be hosting an interview with new author Stephen Kozeniewski about his upcoming release “Braineater Jones“.  I’ll post more details as the date draws nearer.

In other  news….   I’ve found my mind drifting a lot lately, and that’s a sure indication that I’ve got more plotlines and characters dancing around in my head.  I had a breakthrough in a scene for Chucklers that was giving me trouble, and am in the midst of a re-write on it.  In addition to that project, the voices in my head are telling me that they want me to get back to the world of Rejas.  There are actually two stories set there that I’m holding at bay.  There is a novella that I can’t seem to ignore.  It’s the story of Larry Troutman, what happened to him shortly before D-day, and after he met Leeland and company.  How did he get that army?  Where did he get that equipment?  I’ve known the answers since the beginning, but there are evidently enough people bothered by those questions that I find myself more and more inclined to turn the story loose.  And of course, there’s also the sequel to Half Past Midnight that is clamoring to be written.  So I should be working on Y12 soon.  I don’t know if I can wait until I finish my part of Chucklers before I get started on one or both of these other projects.  It’s possible that I may end up working on a few different projects at once.  I’ve always hesitated to do that.  I’ve been afraid one story will bleed into the other, but I’m beginning to wonder if I should give it a try…

And I’m breathing a bit better about my release of Streets of Payne.  The reviews seem to be favorable, with the exception of a single (very suspicious) review from someone who posted the same review (word for word) on nine different books.  The real pisser of it is that five of those sucker-punch reviews have now been removed, but I can’t seem to get Amazon to respond on mine (sigh).  Other than that single review though, SoP seems to be pretty well received.  (Whew!)

ITMT, word count on Chucklers is at 39400, and it’s time to stick a fork in me.

That’s it for tonight.  Stay safe, everyone.  :bye:

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