Jul 232015

Well, the writing is moving. It’s slow, but sure. I’ve decided to follow my gut on what to do with Chucklers and am going to split the existing manuscript into two books, expanding the text of the two settings into individual novels. To that end, the first one will tell the story of the outbreak on the Bahama Queen only. The second will be the story of the outbreak’s landfall. This will eliminate the confusion that the varied settings and timelines seem to produce, and hopefully make the novel more saleable.

Hang on a second. The dogs are barking like crazy.



Bella typingOkay he’s gone.

Cricket, quick lock the door. Yeah, yeah, I’ll type quick. Oh cool, the typey thing capitalizes the first word in a sentence. Look cricket, it capitalizes… yeah, yeah, okay. I’ll tell everyone.

Okay folks, dad’s been typing on this thing like crazy lately, and me and cricket haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise. We need some of you folks to tell him to get out and walk us more. Once or twice a day just isn’t going to be enough. He needs to stop the typey stuff and get out with us more. I mean, the walks are fun and all. We get to go around the neighborhood and talk with the other dogs that live nearby. And sometimes we get to see cluckers and hoppers, and once there was that weird not-dog thing in the neighbor’s yard. Mom called it an armor dilly or something like that. But they won’t let us chase them, so that’s more like torture than fun. I mean, just this week there was a little baby hopper in the front flowerbed and as soon as me and cricket started after it, mom and dad pulled back on our leashes and wouldn’t let us chase it. And I know we coulda caught it… I just know it.

Hey cricket, how do you make that exclamation thingy… and the question mark thingy..

Okay, got it. One paw on shift and one on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! Got it!

And the question mark ???

Cool! So like I was saying, mom and dad wouldn’t let us chase the hopper, even though we coulda caught it!!

Hey cricket, I got the exclamation thingy working!! Yeah, okay, I’ll finish up.

Anyway, we need you guys to tell mom and dad to let us run around. They have no idea how much help we could be. I mean, there’s the guys that come steal their stuff out of the big cans at the end of the driveway every week. We could stop them from doing that. And there’s the guy in the white van that comes and sticks papers in the box at the end of the driveway. He does that every day… let’s see, press shift and !!! yeah, he does it every day! And then they have to go out and clean the papers out after he’s gone. We could chase these guys away if mom and dad would just let us out.

So would you all do us a favor and tell him ?

Oops. Gotta go! Sounds like dad went around to the back door.



So like I said, the book is… hmmm… where did this other stuff come from? Honey? Did you type some stuff on my blog post?


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  1. Shhhhhh!! Say nothing, act casual. :D

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