Sep 032015

First of all, yes, I know it’s really Thursday. But there are things going on. Good things… wonderful things. But they also mean that this post will be VERY short. It’s our oldest daughter’s birthday, so for her present we bought tickets to fly her and our older granddaughter in to see us for a few days.

Okay, who am I kidding? It was more of a present for us… but hey, I can pretend, right? :wink:

Anyway, after picking them up at the airport yesterday afternoon, we spent a nice evening together. Nothing fancy. Just dinner at the house, and a little catching up before bed. Then this morning, we got a phone call at a bit after six AM. It was my son. Now, you have to understand, a call from him at that hour is very unusual, so MBH picked up with a bit of alarm, immediately asking if anything was wrong. And my son, in typical, smart-alec manner, said there was nothing wrong, but he wanted to know if they could come in. It seems that he, his wife, and our newest granddaughter were in our driveway. They had driven most of the night and were up for a surprise visit.

So forgive me, but today’s post is very short. We have a zoo to visit, and family to bond with. And while I likely won’t get much writing done for the next week, I’m definitely going to get my batteries recharged, and that is every bit as important.

Stay safe, everyone. :bye:

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  1. Fantastic!

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